Summary: Faith is the foundation of God's message. Hope is the attitude and the focus,. .But love. Love is the action. When faith and hope are in line, you are free to love completely. And through this, we can truly "Seize the Day."

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Paul shares this hope in Christ to the Colossians ... and to all that call themselves followers of the Christ.

Hear Paul's prayer:

BIBLE ".... that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, please Him in all respects, .... bearing fruit in every good work ....and increasing in the knowledge of God; .... strengthened with all power, .... according to His glorious might, ..." END (Colossians 1:10)

A life bearing fruit in every good work truly Living life ... to the fullest. (Pause)

A little girl asks her mother, "Mommy, why do you cut off the ends of the meat .... before you cook it?"

The girl's mother went on to tell her .... that she thought that cutting off the ends of the meat... added flavor allowing the meat to better absorb the spices.

But perhaps she had better ask her grandma ... since she had learned it from her.

So the little girl found her grandmother and asked, .... "Grandma, why do you and mommy chop off the ends of the meat before you cook it?"

Her grandmother thought for a moment and said, "I think it allows the meat to stay tender because it soaks up the juices, ....

But why don't you ask your Nana .... because after all, ... I learned from her ... and she has always done it that way."

The little girl was getting a little frustrated, .... but climbs up in her great-grandmother's lap and asks: "Nana, why do you .... and Mommy .... and Grandma cut the ends off of the meat before you cook it?"

Nana answers, "I don't know why your Mom and Grandma do it, .... but I did it .... because my pot wasn't big enough." (Pause)

Beloved ... How many times have we walked through life blindly, .... without knowing the purpose .... for what we do? (Pause)

One of golf's immortal moments came when a Scotsman demonstrated this new game of golf President Ulysses S. Grant.

Carefully placing the ball on the tee, the Scotsman took a mighty swing.

The club hit the turf and scattered dirt all over the President's beard ... and the surrounding vicinity, .... while the ball waited placidly on the tee.

Again the Scotsman swung .... and again he hit the ground.

Our president waited patiently through six swings and then quietly stated:

"There seems to be a fair amount of exercise in the game, ....... but I fail to see the purpose .... of the ball."

President Grant made a statement that could be true about many lives.

There seems to be a fair amount of exercise ...... but fail to see the purpose. (Pause)

How many people have much activity in their lives .... yet little or no progress?

For all the busy-ness in each of our lives .... "Are you getting anywhere?"

"Are you going anywhere?"

"Is there a purpose for it all?" (Pause)

Beloved......Purpose gives meaning to our lives.

It gives one the ability to say, .... "I know .... why I'm doing ... what I'm doing!"

And ... the Question needs to be asked: Are you living ....... or are you .... just existing?

There is a difference; ...... there is a tremendous difference.

Living has been defined as ....... "vigorous, alive and full of life."

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