Summary: From Chaotic to sequencial wars, but satan isnt done fighting, he will try one more time against Our Holy God.


TEXT ISAIH 14:12; REV 12:4; 9; 17


I am picking up where we left off last Sunday. I know we covered a lot of information that could take you months to look up everything in the word of God I taught about, but his Sunday we won’t just deal with what was, but also what is as far as dealing with the first war against God.

Obviously, after God destroyed the face of the earth and all that was on it in Judgment and had placed the worst of Satan’s followers in chains in the abyss, rendering their power useless, that Satan for however long in the distant past had nothing to rule, he basically was a spirit that wondered in dry places looking for a home.

Then Satan obviously noted that God began creation again for a light was shown in a dark place, and a moon had been set in order, the waters had been separated from the land, and the creation process began again, each time God saying it was good, and then finally, “Its very good”!

Then the trinity spoke those infamous words, “Let us make man in our image”! The creation of a creature, that could be repaired after he was damaged, and that ingenuity in the creating principle in his creation was hid from the Angels, and from the fallen Angels, including Satan.

Then the earth was green full of life again, most likely better than new with this different creature of God’s affection placed on it created in a clay shell housing an eternal soul and spirit. What wonder there was in this creation?

Satan sees the love God has for this creature and then his jealousy is provoked, if I can’t destroy God, then I will destroy what he loves, so Satan begins war with God on a secondary, terrorist level. As he began this new war then the causalities that we know of began showing up with eternal con-sequences. Causalities that couldn’t save themselves, that were blind sided by the devil, and never really knew what hit them until it was already to late. Today we are dealing with the casualties of War or the Worlds. Here is a point: Satan still has access to this world, he hasn’t been banished from it, it appears that God had it planned it that way from the beginning, know what Satan would do, knowing how deceptive he was; knowing that he would try to attack him through the creature he loved.


Satan began his new war he knew that taking God head on was not an option, it was an unattainable victory, so he selects combat on an entirely different level; The Battle of the Minds!!! Now there will be a battle of philosophy rather than direct demonstration of power.

A. The War against Adam and Eve 1. The first war began with the philosophy that God didn’t mean what he said, “Hath not God said”!

a. God won’t punish you for disobedience he just afraid you will become a powerful God like him and overthrow him or not need him anymore.

2. In the battle of philosophy Satan succeeded in getting Man kicked out of the Garden of his paradise, cursed, and separated from God, which was what he wanted all along, so that God wouldn’t have a pride and joy, Lucifer is no more and now it seems Adam will be no more.

B. The Flood-

1. Satan’s influence became so pronounced that men followed every kind of evil imaginable, and their evil even influenced the animals around them.

2. There were genetic disorders, men became giants in the land, warlike barbarians with no regard of morality at all. (These Giants were not a result of fallen angels having affairs with women on earth). That is a direct violation of God’s word in Genesis 1:24-26.

3. It made God regretting that he ever made man for all the wickedness that he did and now it would break God’s heart to have to destroy all the life he had created. Man had become prideful and virtually unable to be instructed.

a. Enoch was a prophet who had sons and daughters, his testimony pleased God in the midst of a terribly perverse generation so God took him.

b. Noah was born and his name means “ He will comfort us from the work and the toil of our hands, because of the curse. Noah’s name spoke his future.

c. The rain came and it fell, the fountains of the deep broke loose and Mankind as well as the animal life that were affected by man were destroyed.

1. Satan felt like he had succeeded in getting the world destroyed again, but despite his best efforts he couldn’t destroy that ark, nor the life that was in it; that in itself also represented something new Satan hadn’t seen before.

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