Summary: A sermon about being equipped to be fishers of men and being intentional about winning souls

I can’t think of any other pastime better than fishing, except maybe hunting. Well either way they run a close race, but you know what they say “bad day fishing beats a good day at work anytime.”

You may not know it by looking at me but I know a little bit about fishing.

Growing up in Jonesville La. as a kid there wasn’t much else to do if you weren’t working or going to school you just went fishing and froggin and I liked doing both.

I used to fish a lot, tight lining for big ole appaloosa catfish, catching big blue cat and spoonbills on trotlines, fishing with hoop nets and catfish boxes, Bass fishing every now and then. Man I loved to fish.

I even took Becky fishing over in Blackwater one time, it was me and her , my Mom and Dad and my 2 brothers and my sister, we caught well over a hundred fish, now I aint just telling a tale there are pictures at my mom’s house to prove it.

So believe me when I tell you I know about fishin.

And the most important thing I can tell you about fishing is this.

To catch fish you gotta go fishin. Stop wishin and go fishin is a favorite saying we had at the fire station. Cause you can’t catch anything if you just sit around talking about going, you have got to get up off the couch and get to the water and wet a hook.

In the scripture today we find Jesus on the shore of Lake Gennesaret (Galilee) With the crowd pressing around him (describe how it might have looked). There are some fishermen their (Simon & the brothers James & John) cleaning their nets after a long night of fishing without a catch in sight.

Jesus gets on Simon’s boat and asked him to take him out just a little and he uses the boat as his pulpit to preach and teach.

When Jesus finishes his teaching he tells Simon “let’s go fishin.” Go out into the deep water and cast your nets. Then Simon replies to Jesus “Master we have already fished all night and caught nothing.” You ever had a bad night fishin? I have and I can imagine Simon was probably thinking, man I just want to go home it’s been a long night and day and we aren’t going to catch nothing in the middle of the day. What does this guy know about fishing?

But Simon the nice guy that he was cast his net, in the deep water and they caught more than their boat would hold so he called his partners over and they filled their boat to. Both boats were so full of fish they were in danger of sinking.

Simon Peter upon seeing this fell and cried Lord go away from me for I am a sinful man! They were all amazed at the amount of fish they caught. Jesus told them don’t be afraid follow me and I will make you fishers of Men.

Let’s talk about what it entails to be fishers of men.

Being a fisher of Men isn’t much different than being a fisherman.

To catch something you have to go fishing, you have got to get up out of your easy chair and cast a line. You have got to get out of your pew and leave the confines of this church and you have to be intentional about talking to people about Christ. It’s like it says in Luke 14:23 Go out into the highways and along the hedges and compel them to come so my house will be filled.

When you go fishing you have to have a pole or Rod & reel and a tackle box filled with the right equipment.

It’s no different when you’re fishing for men you have to have your tackle box and it needs to be filled with the right stuff. (Faith, hope, prayer, love, compassion)

How many of you have ever been to Bass pro shop?

You go to Bass pro to catch up on and buy the greatest and best stuff to catch fish right?

Lots of people go to Bass Pro to restock there tackle box.

Look Church is a lot like Bass pro shop. It’s where you go to restock your tackle box for that fishing trip your on every day to catch souls, this is where you come to get the equipment you need to go out and fish for men. When you come here and open up your heart and soul to Christ he will equip you, he will fill your tackle box with exactly what you need. (The Word, Faith, Hope, Love, compassion, boldness, desire)

Now another secret is to take the right bait. You have to use different bait for different fish, I always used crayfish or night crawlers for tight lining and for catfish boxes and hoop nets I always used that stinky cheese that catfish like so much.

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