John 2:5 His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day of recognition for one of the hardest job this world has to offer. Mother’s are wonderful people. I am not talking about this sentimental nonsense that makes mothers out to be a sinless saint. We know better.

I despise this semimetal nonsense that accompanies MOTHER’S DAY. It tries to make a super saint out of mothers and most of the children know that she is not. She is just a sinner saved by God’s grace. She will make mistakes and get irritable at times. If you are in your teen years or older you have already had serious encounters with your mothers.

I think I saw Motherhood defined, when after I had taken 3 years of Pastoral Counseling and had years of experience dealing with peoples problems and felt quite confident that everyone including my children knew how qualified I was – to have the phone ring at 2 am and one of our children say, "Hi Dad, Can I talk to Mom?"

This will be the 13th Mother’s Day that God has given me the privilege of sharing with this wonderful church. Every Mother’s Day I have quoted this poem by Sikes:

I’ve Worship In churches and chapels

I’ve prayed in the busy streets

I’ve sought my God and found Him

Where the waves of the ocean beat;

I knelt in a silent forest

In the share of some old oak tree;

But the dearest of all my alters

Was raised at my Mother’s knee.

MOTHER’S INCOUNTER WITH CHILD: One young man comes in on Mother’s Day Morning and standing by his mother’s bed. "Hey, Mom! Wake up. I made you a Mother’s Day card." "My, how sweet of you." she says. "I did it all by myself. Go ahead & read it."

She begins to read:

"I was going to buy a card with hearts of pink & red.

But then I thought I’d rather spend the money on me instead.

It’s awfully hard to buy things when one’s allowance is so small.

So I guess you’re pretty lucky I got you anything at all.

Happy Mother’s Day. There, I’ve said it. Now I’m done.

So how about getting out of bed & fixing breakfast for your son."

Signed, "Calvin."


The story of the young man on Mother’s Day that brought his mother a gift and handed to her and said, Happy Mother’s Day, "It’s a pet rat, I hope you like it better than the pet snake I bought you last Mother’s Day.

MOTHER’S RELATIONSHIP WITH FATHER: The speaker at our women’s club was lecturing on marriage and asked the audience how many of us wanted to “mother” our husbands. One member in the back row raised her hand.

“You do want to ‘mother’ your husband?” the speaker asked.

“Mother?” the woman echoed. “I thought you said ‘smother.’

We were talking Wednesday night and several mentioned how difficult Mother’s Day is for some.

Some of our members are not here because they drove many miles to be with their mother this week-end. Some are here this morning because they made the trip to be with their mother. Some here this morning does not have the privilege of phoning or spending time with their mother.

Let me make some suggestions:

1. If you mother is living – phone her or visit her (she is the only one you will ever have.)

2. If you don’t have the option of contact. Take some time to reflect on the good memories you have of her.

Tears are all right. Tears are our payment for the love we shared. Wouldn’t it be sad to have never loved someone enough to shed tears for them once they are gone?


I really think it defines Motherhood better than any other article I have ever read.

For the first 4 or 5 years after I had children, I considered motherhood a temporary condition -- not a calling. It was a time of my life set aside for exhaustion and long hours. It would pass. Then one afternoon, with 3 kids in tow, I came out of a supermarket pushing a cart (with four wheels that went in opposite directions) when my toddler son got away from me. Just outside the door, he ran toward a machine holding bubble gum in a glass dome. In a voice that shattered glass he shouted, "Gimme! Gimme!" I told him I would give him what for if he didn’t stop shouting and get in the car.

As I physically tried to pry his body from around the bubble gum machine, he pulled the entire thing over. Glass and balls of bubble gum went all over the parking lot. We had now attracted a sizable crowd.

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