* Though the chapter we are going to look at deals with adultery this is not about that at all.

* What I want to do is take a much wider perspective and look at sin in general.

* Why and how we should avoid it, what will happen if we don’t fight against it.

* There is a story about a man at church. The preacher was preaching about the ten commandments. The preacher noticed that he wrote when he said thou shalt not steel. Then again when thou shalt not commit adultery. Stealing I remembered I lost my coat, adultery I remembered where.

* That is amusing but I wish you to know sin is not amusing.

Proverbs 5

I. Sin is Always Bitter/Sweet (Vs 2-4)

a. Sin always appears good and fun when first introduced.

1. I remember the first time I smoked with Tito Saldana.

2. It had some appeal to it.

3. Sometimes it might be because it is forbidden.

4. James 1:14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own

lust, and enticed.

b. Sin always has a bitter side to it.

1. Careful observation always shows its real nature.

2. Lets look at gambling.

a. It is a thrill to many, you can gain money quickly. But you can loose


II. Sin is Best Handled by Avoiding it. (Vs 8-9)

a. It is much easier then extracting yourself from it.

1. The story of the men that found 75,000 dollars on the bus in the Philippines.

2. We too must look for the other way, the way of righteousness.

b. Cautions we must employ

1. Watch were you walk and look.

2. Watch the type of people you are around.

III. Sin Always Has it’s Price (Vs 11-14)

a. This is a law of God you will receive payment for our sin.

1. Some people should get paid for overtime.

2. Looking at smoking with Tito. I thought I was kool but really I was the fool

3. Years later I wanted to quit and I could not. I took the grace of God to extract me.

b. The penalty may come in physical form.

1. Cancer, sickness, Aids, Even death.

2. Remorse. Mental anguish.

a. The story of the lady who got an abortion.

IV. Sin Draws Us From Things That Are Ours. (Vs 15-21)

a. Lost territory and battles won for Jesus.

1. Sin says God has not given us enough.

2. Many times people sin because they think they are missing out.

b. We think God is not looking, He is though.

1. When we don’t receive punishment right away we assume God missed it.

2. God is gracious and lets us do as we wish but sooner or later if we don’t repent

then he will let sin take it course.

V. The Price, Being released to Sin.

a. God sometimes let men be released to sin.

1. Seen in drug addiction and other forms of habits.

2. Rom 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge,

God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not


3. The worse penalty for sin I think is to have no correction from God. In actuality

God gave up on these people.


* Living a double life is very dangerous, more to your soul then you think.

* We need to stay clear from sin as much as possible, avoid it as if it will kill you instantly.

* Sin does kill so we must be aware.

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