Summary: Conducting a Christian Passover meal. A means of combining he jewish festiva with our Christian faith.

Seder – An Order of Service and Explanation to the Passover Meal

A. Welcome and Blessing Read EXODUS 12:12-20 and LUKE 22:14-16

B. Recline at the table

C. The 15 Steps to the Sedar then begin:

1. Kadesh – Sanctify (Reading and Foot Washing)

2. Urchatz – Cleanse

3. Karpas – Appetizer (Reading)

4. Yachatz – Break

5. Maggid – Tell (Reading)

6. Rachtzah – Wash

7. Motzei – Bread

8. Matzah (Reading and Bread Communion)

9. Maror – Bitter

10. Korech – Wrap

11. Shulchan Orech – Set the Table

12. Tzafun – Hidden

13. Beirach – Bless

14. Hallel – Praise (Reading and Wine Communion)

15. Nirtzah – Accepted (Reading)

STEP 1: Kadesh – Sanctify

Event Message/Prayer Notes

1. The cups are filled with wine and The Kiddush is said The Kiddush:

Blessed are You, God, our God, King of the universe, who has chosen us from among all people, and raised us above all tongues, and made us holy through His commandments. And You, God, our God, have given us in love festivals for happiness, feasts and festive seasons for rejoicing the day of this Feast of Matzot and this Festival of holy convocation, the Season of our Freedom, a holy convocation, commemorating the departure from Egypt. For You have chosen us and sanctified us from all the nations, and You have given us as a heritage Your holy Festivals, in happiness and joy. Blessed are You, God, who sanctifies Israel and the festive seasons. Blessed are You, God, our God, King of the universe, who has granted us life, sustained us, and enabled us to reach this occasion.

Blessed are You, Lord, our God, King of the universe, who creates the fruit of the vine.

The wine is not drunk at this time.

2. A Message is Then Shared The beginning of all journeys is separation. You’ve got to leave somewhere to go somewhere else. It is also the first step towards freedom: You ignore the voice of Pharaoh inside that mocks you, saying, “Who are you to begin such a journey?” You just get up and walk out.

This is the first meaning of the word, “Kadesh” -- to transcend the mundane world. Then comes the second meaning: Once you’ve set yourself free from your material worries, you can return and sanctify them. That is when true spiritual freedom begins, when you introduce a higher purpose into all those things you do.

The wine is not drunk at this time.

3. Just as Jesus did a cup was shared. READ LUKE 22:17,18 The wine is not drunk at this time.

4. Share the first cup and recline.

The wine is drunk and conversation enjoyed.

5. During the conversation the host begins foot washing. READ JOHN 13:2-9 Each member washes another’s feet.

2. Urchatz – Cleanse

Event Message/Prayer Notes

1. Fill a basin with water. Each guest now pours 3 times first over the right then over the left arm and hand the clean water. Allow each guest to dry hands.

2. The Urchatz Message is shared Our hands are the primary tools to interact with our environment. They generally obey our emotions: Love, fear, compassion, the urge to win, to be appreciated, to express ourselves, to dominate. Our emotions, in turn, reflect our mental state.

But, too often, each faculty of our psyche sits in its cell, exiled from one another. The mind sees one way, the heart feels another. Water represents the healing power of wisdom. Water flows downward, carrying its essential simplicity to each thing. It brings them together as a single living, growing whole. We pour water over our hands as an expression of wisdom pouring downward passing through our heart and from there to our interaction with the world around us.

3. Blessing is said You, Lord our God, King of the World, Who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us concerning the washing of the hands

3. Karpas – Appetizer

Event Message/Prayer Notes

1. Each Guest to take a small piece of some edible vegetable (potato, onion, etc.) Dip it into saltwater.

The Fruit of the Ground Prayer is then said. Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, King of the World, who creates the fruit of the ground.

Do not eat until prayer is said

2. The leader then shares the meaning. The karpas or “greens” showed the hardship and tears (salt water) that the slaves endured in Egypt.

3 The Karpas Message is Shared We need to re-taste the breaking labor of Egypt to liberate ourselves from it once again. It was this labor that prepared us for freedom. It was this labor that gave us a humble spirit to accept wisdom.

Today, as well, you can choose to achieve this humble spirit by enduring the battle to survive the rat race. There will be plenty of futile, hamster-wheel tasks to bring you to your knees.

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