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Summary: A growing Christian whether a new believer or a seasoned saint is like a healthy tree – planted, nourished and fruitful.

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Small cedars are use to make wall studs. They really tell us a great story about some of the people in church. I can think of so many people who ministered in areas that never get much recognition, but just like the wall studs of this building are a necessity, they are vital to the church.

The next tree is the Humming Cedar.

The humming cedar grows where nothing else will grow. This cedar loves the wind. The more the wind blows the more the humming cedar hums. The humming noise quiets the sheep.

The humming cedars are important to the church as well. They are people who help bring calm into chaotic circumstances. They remind us to focus on God’s face and give ourselves over to him. They are the people that will recite Footprints in the Sand whenever we think God has somehow forgotten us.

The third cedar is the Fire Cedar

Every pastor wants fire cedars at his church. They’re the kind of tree that catches fire with the littlest of sparks. I know church folk that won’t catch on fire if you blow torch ‘em, but the fire cedar catches fire quickly.

The amazing thing about the fire cedar is its ability to burn. Even in a rainy downpour the fire cedar keeps on burning. It’s full of sappy oil that burns and burns and burns.

It’s the kind of wood you want to burn when camping

out and wanting to keep the wolves away. Not only will the fire keep the wolves at bay, but also it helps keep the shepherd warm at night.

The last cedar is the Tall Cedar – the best of the tall cedars can grow to 300 feet. That’s a pretty amazing tree. But more amazing still is it’s tap root. The tall cedar’s taproot is just as big going down and the tree is tall going up!

I noticed some correlation’s between tall cedars and our lives. Tall cedars grow more in the dark and in the cold. Oh, it grows in the sunlight, but most of its growth occurs in the dark. I know in my life, I’ve found myself growing closer to God in the dark, difficult times more often than in the good times. It seems to be human nature to grow closer to God during "experience 101". Our times of failure and struggle – that’s when God reveals himself to us in a new way and we grow closer to him.

Tall Cedars give off a sweet aroma. I’m not going to suggest that Christians smell different, but I’ve noticed that Christians do have that different something. It’s a special glow, aroma, whatever you might want to call it – people of the world can sense it, smell it if you will and it affects their lives as well.

My wife has a cedar chest. Maybe you have one, or maybe you have cedar-lined closets. It’s where you put valuable things you don’t want little critters to get at. That’s because parasites can’t kill tall cedars. Nothing bugs them! They have the same oil that the fire cedar has and bugs and moths can’t stand them.

I mentioned the tree’s taproot. Without that root, the tree would be out of balanced and would fall over at the slightest breeze. We too must be rooted. Rooted in church, rooted in ministry. Rooted in God’s word so we will be unmovable in times of trial and temptation.

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