Summary: The world is constantly changing. It is good to serve a God who NEVER changes.

Hold up: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Most of you probably know what this is. It is a kaleidoscope. When you hold a kaleidoscope up to the light, you see beautiful colors and designs. When you twist the end of the kaleidoscope, the designs are constantly changing. Kids love to look through these and it is hardly ever the same. You just turn it and hold it up to the light and we see all kinds of beautiful colors. In fact sometimes you see something and you want it to stay there but you move it slightly and it changes. It changes constantly. Pass it around.

Have you ever known someone who really changed? One day they were very nice and they were maybe your very best friend. Then all of sudden, out of nowhere, they changed. They started saying mean things and they were just no longer the same person. People do change.

We change. How we look changes. We grow older. We grow taller. We change almost every day in some small way.

Trees change. Leaves change. Color of the grass. Seasons change. We live in a world that is like that. Our world is constantly changing. People change, the seasons change, knowledge changes. Nothing ever seems to stay the same. I think that in a world that is always changing that it’s nice to have at least one thing that we could count on to stay the same when everything around us is changing.

The Bible tells us that "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." When everything around us is changing and we don't know what to believe or what to think, we can always know that Jesus remains the same. His love for us remains the same. His truth remains the same. That is one thing we can count on.

Thank you, Jesus, for your love that never changes. We are so thankful that we can count on you to remain the same when everything around us is changing!

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