6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Prepare yourself to move into the blessing God is pouring out in our day.

"Behold, the former things have come to pass, Now I declare new things; Before they spring forth I proclaim them to you." Isaiah 42:9

Last week, we looked at three things the Lord was speaking to the church concerning the present application of this passage. #1 God has already begun the change. #2 In the midst of your crisis, God is going to give you evidence the change is on the way. #3 Within yourself, you cannot receive the new thing the Lord is sending so the Lord is giving you the potential to receive, that you need not look to yourself.

I want to continue with point 4, for the Lord would tell you this morning that when He gives you the potential to not only receive what He is sending, He is also removing all hindrances around you that prevent you from receiving. We have visited the passage in Hebrews 12:1 a few times in the last month where we are instructed to lay aside every hindrance that so easily entangles us. We are to lay it aside, to get out from under it, to put it on the shelf and in doing so, God is going to remove the hindrance which has kept you from receiving over the years. What ever you do, and I am giving this in the way of instruction to you, whatever you do, condition yourself, position yourself, and arrange yourself to get in line for the blessing of God and the visitation that He is going to send in this hour. God is going to give you the potential to receive it. God is going to give you the power to receive it. He is going to give you a special endowment in your spirit where you have had problems in the past forgiving and unforgiveness has been a powerful entanglement in your life, God is going to give you such a wave of love in your life that you are right now going to begin to see the shackles of bitterness falling off. Church, He is coming in right now, and some of you are experiencing what He is doing. He is coming in and you are feeling a great touch of the Master’s hand, in fact, you are beginning to feel the move of the Spirit as you sit in your pew, and the move of God is bringing about a humbling of your spirit. And as you are allowing the Holy Spirit to move this morning, you are opening yourself up to receive the blessing that He has for you. The potential to receive is housed in your potential to lay aside every hindrance, every weight, and when you do this, the Lord is saying to you right now, its time to put yourself in line to receive a blessing from him.

Listen for a minute, the Lord wants you to have a spirit of expectancy. What am I talking about? It is time to quit your battling within the confines of your home. It is time to quit your battling within the confines of the church. It is time to quit your battling in your own personal life with petty sins that surround you, and that you have held onto because the Lord is saying to you in this hour, that He is going to give you evidence, you are going to feel His presence, perhaps like you have never felt and experienced before in your life. You are going to weep and cry, you are going to be broken up in your spirit, God is going to move on you, and He is going to give you the potential to deal with the hindrances, you are going to have the power to forgive. And I want you to understand this, God is not going to do it for you, but He is going to do it through you to as much as you yield to Him. Some of you have become so entrenched in bitterness, family squabbles, in-law squabbles, parent-child squabbles, church squabbles, and squabble squabbles but the Lord is saying to you, that He is going to send you a visitation a touch, a slight evidence in your spirit that you will be able today to release the squabbles of your life. And when this visitation comes upon you, you will turn your sorrows into joy, your tears into a smile. God is going to turn your fears into courage, your weakness into strength, your doubts into faith. Your eyes will be literaly open to see the transformation that will take place. It will not be just a touch, it will not be a passing blessing, it is going to come and rest upon you.

Let me just ask, How many of you have been praying for a change in your life?

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