Summary: A young persons worth is above our imagination. We should try to understand the premium God places on youth.

Changed By A Child

II Kings 5:14

What a powerful influence this little maid had on a man as great as Naaman. There are questions that stand out in my mind that I may never have a definitive answer for. I can through the leading of the spirit have some manner of insight.

Who was the little maid?

What former dealing gave her confidence in the prophet?

What was it about her that caused Naaman to listen?

We know that leprosy is a type of sin in the scripture. There are many paralels between the two not only in scripture but in life as well. Neither of the two are curable by any aide of man. The only hope for either of these is Divine intervention.

Our world is sick with sin; a disease with far more long term evil effects than leprosy. Many children in our world are born with lives already affected by the disease of sin. Drug abuse, alchol abuse, and other types of sin can lead to ill effects even in the children born to the abuser.

We may never be able to prove who the little maid was nor what her lineage consisted of. We may never know how she even knew of the prophet. We may never know what it was that gave her the power of influence over her master. These things are food for thought but really of no real importance. The pertininte fact is, this captian was changed by the investment of influence from a child.

Paul wrote to Timothy in I Timothy 4:12 and instructed him to “let no man despise his youth”. Who can ever look far enough in the future to know the value of the life of a child. So many times we overlook children and the possibility of greatness in them. As you teach your child don't underestimate the power of their life later and now. The chlid that is just a burden to the parent today may be the preacher that changes the world. Are you raising a missionary, teacher, preacher, witnesser, or a singer? Who can know what plans God may have for a young heart prepared for His service.

As with the little maid that God used to change the life and outcome of Naaman; he may have plans for the child you are raising. Oh to be entrusted by God with the job of raising one of the servants he plans to use.

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