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Summary: This sermon is about changing your whole thought process in order to live a changed life through Jesuse

How do you remain saved after becoming saved?

While on my to Church one day, I got into a discussion about religion with a cab driver. In the midst of our conversation he asked me a question that led to the founding of this ministry . The question that he asked me was simply this “Young lady after becoming saved , How do you stay saved?

After he asked me this question he went on to tell me about his experience with religion and how he had gotten saved and how eventually he would always find himself back in the street. He told me how he Just couldn’t seem to stay on the right path. I did the natural things of witnessing , you know telling him about how God loves him and etc. However I didn’t feel like I gave him a solution, but what felt that I gave him was the answer that I had been programmed to give from all my years of being in church. I told him how he should confess with his mouth and believe in his heart and etc. But after i got out of that cab I realized that I didn’t really help him, because he already knew that information. His question stayed with me, I thought about it day and night.

After much prayer and fasting about his Question the Lord finally gave me the answer. The reason that some Christians tend to backslide, is because they have not Changed their Perception or their Mind.

When people hear the word change they tend to go into a panic because as quiet as it is kept, they don‘t really want things to change, they want things to remain the same. They don’t want anything to foul up their plans, or mess up their program. People tend to want to be surrounded with things that they are sure of or things that they feel they know. That is why a woman can stay in an abusive relationship or marriage and not leave. If you were to ask her why she stayed she would tell you that it is because her man loves her and he mistreats her or beats her because it is her fault, or she cannot make it without him , or even that she stays for the children’s sake. People don’t understand and they tell her so, but the reason she stays is because she is afraid to make a change. She is afraid to make a new life for herself for fear that she will fail or that he will find her. So she stays and subjects herself and her children to this abuse until she accepts that it will never work and that no one deserves to be treated that way and then she leave ,but look at all the wasted time. I know this scenario well because I have been there, I was not physically abused but I was mentally abused.

My Story

I was married for two years to a man that mentally abused me. He would call me names and tell me that I was nothing and that I would never be anything. He did drugs which made his attitude worse. I know that the only reason that he never hit me was because I was covered under the blood of Christ and he couldn’t touch me. He would commit adultery and made me feel like less than a woman. He treated me so bad that I started to believe that I was all that he said I was. I stayed in that relationship because I felt that I needed him and that I couldn’t live without him. That was until I finally realized that I could only be complete thru Jesus Christ. Only after I came to know within my heart, mind and spirit that Jesus really loved me and cared for me did a change finally take place in my life. I had the courage to leave and not look back. I thank God everyday for the Change in my life . I thank God for the renewing of my spirit.

In order to change you have to become different , you have to do things differently, you can never be the same again. You cannot do things the same old way you did them last year. You have to step up to the plate and make a transition . A transition into your new walk, into your new beginning and into your new life. What people don’t realize is that you are not expected to change over night, It doesn’t happen that way. Making a transition has to do with going through a process. This process has to do with studying your bible, and constantly communicating with God through prayer, fasting and going to church. You also to surround yourself with the things Of God and by changing your perception, your mind, your whole thought process and replacing it with Gods. For the bible says

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