Summary: Christian answer to Evolution

However, one invariable ideology prophesies that the Big Bang of our universe was part of a deliberately initiated chain reaction of events.

These events or supernatural occurrences spawned the birth of a lifeless barren sphere in the mist of the quiet chaotic universe.

According to this scenario, our presently lush, polluted biosphere was a simple starting point of a huge, infinitely growing divine purpose.

Therefore, on the third day, God took hold of the unpolluted but desolate dry land and dynamically brought it out of the clear, blue water.

Again, God uses the ability, strength and power of His mighty Word to eminently transform the barren biosphere into a livable environment.

What God had in mind would be something no other god could ever recreate.

He christened the dry land earth and the clear blue water He denominated as the sea.

As God lovely commanded the earth, the now fertile dark brown soil brought forth a kaleidoscope of fresh fragrant flowers.

Automatically, lush healthy green grass and abundant fruit trees grew on the blue grass covered hills.

As the invisible breeze rush swiftly and silently across the newly formed childlike biosphere, God looked at all that was done.

He was pleased.

Then God rested that day.

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