Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A christian view of Evolution

Chapter 6: The literally perfectly created embryonic mass of God-like moving earth

Out of the muddy brown fresh earth, God’s Word brought forth all the variations of the world’s wildlife to occupy the dense green foliage and the flowing rainforest.

God created each individual species with certain similar characteristics, like strong legs, and keen eyesight. He also gave to each unique characteristic that enabled them to camouflage themselves under the safety of the bountiful green rainforest.

Then God and His Counsel came down to the fruitfully abundant revolving infantile biosphere designated planet earth and took a small fertile portion of it.

With this fertile earthly portion, God molded man and impregnated him with the same literally perfect traits that existed inside of this preeminent sovereign omnipresent Divine creator.

These traits instilled in the feeble embryonic mass of lifeless earth the ability to be different from the rest of God’s infantile creation.

Moreover, this preeminent sovereign omnipresent Divine creator shaped man in His very image. Therefore, the infantile feeble embryonic mass of lifeless earth can pass these traits on to their offspring who can enjoy the same advantages of being God-like.

Then, God breathes the resuscitating refreshing Breath of Life into the infantile feeble embryonic mass of lifeless earthman.

When it was all said and done, God richly blessed His most prized creation by giving him complete dominion and absolute control over everything God ever made and ever would make.

Then God rested that day.

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