Summary: A christian view of Evolution

Chapter 7: God rested that day.

The immensely precisely arranged endeavor was at last was complete.

This was the seventh millennium day as the slowly revolving blue biosphere orbited around the brightly shining sun star.

Each individual species was deliberately designed to be able to pass their diversely identifying character traits on to their offspring. Their equally divine offspring would enjoy the same abundant advantages.

As the surrounding environment gradually changed, God had designed for new characteristics that proved to be more advantageous than old ones to be replicated in each emerging generation.

Then, God looked over what He had accomplished.

Heaven was so beautiful with the infinitely glistening stars twinkling brightly in the dark night sky.

However, nothing could compare to the animated, authoritatively brilliant, perfected energetic earthman He had made.

In him, this preeminent sovereign omnipresent Divine creator was pleased.

He forcefully announced, ‘ Holy is this day.’

Then God rested that day.

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