Summary: Memorial Day Weekend Sermon. Heb. 11 was not just a "FAITH" chapter but a "Chapter of Heroes!"



What is a “HERO?” I’m told that “BRAVERY” is “GRACE UNDER FIRE!” I’m told that “BRAVERY” is a person “WHO HOLDS ON A MOMENT LONGER THAN THE NEXT PERSON.” I’m told that “BRAVERY” is “SELFLESSNESS!” Putting other first before themselves.

In our world today we’ve got it mixed up, well at least the young people of today have it mixed up and quite a few of the adults do as well. There is a generation that does not, and there are a select few of young people who do not!

My nephew serves this country as a Coast Guardsmen! He volunteered for duty! I remember he volunteered to be a diver in the Coast Guard. His first attempt was the same as many others when he washed out because it was the hardest thing he had ever attempted in his life. I remember him driving home to California by himself feeling as though he failed! Feeling as though he failed himself, his wife, his family, his parents, even his country, but he didn’t give up. I called him while he was driving by himself to encourage him and tell him how proud I was of him! I could hear the disappointment in his voice and silence as we talked as he drove. I finally told him that he was my “HERO!” and I couldn’t be more proud of him!

He didn’t give up! He went back and finished his course and he is one of the elite divers in the Coast Guard today. He is my “HERO!”

My other nephew is a Border Patrol Agent, like his father, who has sacrificed for this nation, for the greater good to protect our borders from illegals who has been in situations of danger where his life was at risk. Bryan Terry, the BP who was killed a few years ago because of some gun running done by the current administration, was a close friend of my nephew. My nephew is a member of the elite “BORTAC TEAM!” I am proud of him as well. He is also my “HERO” albeit both of them are unsung heroes.

We have "HEROES" among us who are decorated WWII veterans.

I am in awe of young people like that who will sacrifice what they want for the greater cause, for their way of life, for their children’s way of life, for people they will never meet or ever hear them say “THANK YOU!”

So many of our young people have heroes like (name a few), American Idol Contestants, actors on TV, Rock-n-Roll singers, Social Activists who rise up against the very country that has shed blood for them! I could go on! That’s part of what’s wrong with our nation today! People look up to the wrong people for inspiration!

A “HERO” is someone who has determined to make their life mean something for the greater good, who will sacrifice their wants to accomplish something larger than themselves and their lives! “HEROES” should be remembered always!

My wife was at the grave of Audie Murphy the most decorated man of WWII. While there an elderly gentleman walked up and asked if she knew who he was. She said she did. He then told her that Audie Murphy was a friend of his and he served with him in WWII. I walked over and we spoke as well. To this day I don’t now why I never asked for his name. He was as much a “HERO” as Audie Murphy was although he was one of the countless and nameless “HEROES!”

Some of us are the last of a generation who will know someone who fought in WWII! I met a man about 5 years ago through the Hospice I worked for. While interviewing him as he was coming on our service, his daughters told him to tell me about his history. He hesitated until one of his daughters told me that he was on the USS Arizona in Peal Harbor December 7th, 1941. I was speechless. All I could do was look at him. Finally, I stood up and put my hand out to shake his as we shook hands with tears coming down my face I thanked him and told him I was honored to meet him and I considered him a “HERO!”. He began to cry and told me the “HEROES” were still at the Arizona!

I can tell you about some “HEROES!” In the 11th chapter of Hebrews we commonly refer to as the “Chapter of Faith”, but this morning I was to call it the “CHAPTER of HEROES!”

Let’s start with verse #4.

“By faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice...”

He gave his all!

Verse #8

“By faith Abraham obeyed...”

He followed orders!

Verse #17

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