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Summary: There are four characteristics of faith

Characteristics of Faith

Hebrews 11:13 - These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off were assured of them, embraced them and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.

1. You need to see them in the future

“Having seen them afar off”

Those men of faith saw what God showed them and knew He was revealing their future to them.

God reveals what He wants to produce through your life, but you need to see it. If you cannot see it, it will not happen because you can only see it by faith. Faith opens a whole new world to you.

2. You need to be assured of the future

“They were assured of them”

God will always confirm what He reveals to you. When you receive a prophecy, you must work with the Holy Spirit and not resist what He wants to show you.

Many Christians cannot accept what God tells them about their future, because they cannot see themselves being used so powerfully by God. They think they are too insignificant to be used by God for great things.

You need to have an assurance in your heart that the things He has planned for you is His will for you and you need to believe it by faith.

3. You need to embrace them

“They embraced them”

This means you have to change the plans that you have for your life and allow God’s will to be applied. This will involve many things such as the way you work with your money, your church life, your social life, your family and friends, and many more.

Before you do, say, or plan anything, you have to ask yourself whether your actions will work towards or against God’s plans for your life and you will have to completely and willingly embrace what God wants. That means you will have to sacrifice your fleshly desires in favor of God’s desires.

4. You need to confess them

“They confessed them”

God’s plans for your life need to be continually confessed by faith so that you can keep focusing on where you are going.

The plans God has revealed to you may sound unbelievable and ridiculous and you may even be embarrassed to speak them out loud.

It is not always advisable to tell other people everything God reveals to you. These things can only be accessed by your faith, and other people do not necessarily operate in the same faith.

Make your dreams and revelation of your future part of your prayer life and speak them out loud. Your words will tell you exactly what you believe.


This supernatural faith is for everyone who believes and applies the principles. God loves you and made sure your birth came about in God’s perfect time for His perfect will. Do not allow God’s enemy to push you back. Make sure you enjoy every day of your life. That is God’s promise to His children.

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