Summary: The call of Gideon to deliver Israel

Chased by God

Judges series wk 4

Today we look at one of the most famous and familiar Judges, Gideon.

Again Israel following their own desires and worshiping other gods


You have an allotment and you work hard to plough, plant and tend it; then your neighbours steal the produce. How do you feel? You cannot do a thing about it.

Judges 6:1-6 (reading by )

The Midianites (Moses’ decedents) and Amalekites would come and steal from them

How many of us have felt robbed in life?

Each time things start to go right, something happens and it’s gone

Every time God has given me anything, I’ve had to give it up again

Abraham and Isaac on the alter

Gideon was busy working, threshing wheat, in a winepress!

God come to us when we are doing the everyday things in life

He came to me when I was being a mum to 2 young children, a barmaid, a woman of foul mouth and someone who was abused by family and her husband

He was hiding; I was hiding

He was fearful; I was fearful

He felt intimidated by the enemy without and perhaps angry as we see by his reaction to the message

Jud 6:11-15 (reading by )

Where are the miracles we read and hear about?

We feel intimidated by the enemy within; I did

Everybody else was better than I was

I constantly put myself down

I never achieved anything in life and didn’t think I ever would

How we have felt angry as we see others prosper and we have felt forgotten again

He believed he was the least in his father’s house

What it’s like to be the ‘black sheep’ of the family

No one believes in you

No one respects you

You have to strive for recognition

You have struggles with inferiority, self-worth and image

All the ‘rejected’ people I know are usually the most sensitive and caring

But many have inner strengths and beauty that have shaped by their circumstances

But what was God’s reply to him?

Jud 6:16

This is all we need. To know He is with us: singular you

I will never leave you or forsake you Deut 31:8 and Heb 13:5

You will defeat them as One man Jud 6:16

Gideon wasn’t the brightest or very quick to learn

God takes the foolish and the weakest to confound the wise

1 Cor 1:26-31 (reading by )

God works out His purpose in those whom seem weak

Gideon represented Israel, weak and low

If you feel weak and low, then this message is for you

Gideon needed:

· Comfort

· Confidence

· Challenge

· Conformation

Gideon needed comfort

Gideon had 4 doubts:

1. Does God really care? (6:1-13)

2. Does He know what He’s doing? (6:14-24)

3. Will He really take care of me? (6:25-32)

4. Does He keep His promises? (6:33-40)

Every time the people cried out He heard them and delivered them

How many people do you know cry out in time of distress?

How many times have you seen Him reach out to the needy?

He doesn’t always work out things the way we think or want

You think you can work God out?

Our times of testing challenge our character and develop us

When we are weak we are strong

Gideon’s personal struggles written to encourage us

He needed a sign (fleece)

God has given us a sign according to Isaiah; a virgin …..

The Jews seek a sign, but the Just shall live by faith

Illustration: My testimony of how God has taken care of me

He has fulfilled His promises

Individual and universal

He sent Jesus the promise of salvation to us

God sent us a judge, a leader and a king and He still rules!

Gideon needed confidence

God knew Gideon was a man with a brave spirit; He created him

When you were formed He knew you Ps 139

We don’t always know who we are until someone tells us

Encourage each other

Build confidence in each other

Especially people of low self-worth; they see very little in themselves

God inspired him by showing him he had all the qualifications needed

He assured him of success

He could nothing in himself, but with God everything is possible

When God calls He equips

Gideon had to strengthen himself in the words God gave him

Always remind yourself what God has said

Illustration: My testimony waiting for nearly 30 years

This can be enough to keep you going

You have to depend upon what you know in your heart despite what may be happening around you

God said, ‘I am with you’

That’s all that matters; you can go anywhere, do anything as long as He’s with you

Gideon was obedient to the heavenly call

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