Summary: We chase after meaning in the same idols that the Teacher of Ecclesiastes did. Ultimately he found no satisfaction in acclaim & recognition ...nor will we.

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American Idols:

Contestant #2- "Star Wannabe"

Ecclesiastes 1:11

We are continuing our quest to discover America’s #1 ‘Idol’ tonight! If you were here last week, you’ll remember that we interviewed "Ben A. Workaholic" who is our 1st contestant for the coveted title of "America’s #1 Idol" and he related to us how he sought out meaning and fulfillment in his work. Certainly Ben isn’t alone in that endeavor. Millions of people in our country have set work/ job/ career above everything else in life- even God- and placed it as the central ‘idol’ in their lives. Perhaps for that reason, alone, Ben deserves to be awarded the title of "America’s #1 Idol."

But before we vote, there are five more contestants to meet ... all hoping themselves to be named ‘THE’ American Idol. Tonight, let me introduce you to contestant #2 ... "Star Wannabe!"

... Interview with Star ...

Meet: “Star Wannabe”

Jim: Good evening, ‘Star’. Welcome to “American Idols”

Star: Thank you, Jim. It is just lovely to be here!

Jim: Tell me, Star, that is a beautiful name you have- where did it come from?

Star: Well, Jim, ever since I was little girl all I’ve ever wanted was to have my name in

lights! I’ve wanted to be the biggest star in the whole world! Bigger than Brittany

Spears! Bigger than Madonna! Bigger than ... {short pause} Martha Stewart!

Jim: Oh, well that is quite ambitious.

Star: That’s right! I’d look up into the sky at all the stars and my daddy would sing to me,

“When you wish upon a star...” And, so that’s where my name came from. He

started calling me ‘daddy’s little star.’

Jim: Well, it seems to certainly fit! Let’s talk a little bit about your goals in life.

Star: Oh, that’s easy- my goals in life include having a fabulous modeling career- I want

my face on every magazine cover in America by the time I’m old and washed up–

you know about 30.

Then, I hope to parlay that into a successful acting career. I’d like to work with

Coppola, with Spielberg, you know, only the best! I want my name up in lights!

Jim: Yes, you mentioned that. All right, we’ve talked about your goals, what about your

priorities in life. What’s important to you?

Star: Well, Jim. I’d say that what is important to me would be . . . having my name in

lights! Of course after I’ve made a name for myself in Hollywood, I want to begin a

line of cosmetics and help others look as beautiful and glamourous as I do! You

know, give back a little bit to the underprivileged.

Jim: That’s certainly admirable.

Star: Thank you. One mustn’t forget about the little people.

Jim: Sure! Well, I believe we’ve covered your goals and your priorities . . . let’s talk a little

bit about what motivates you. I think our people are interested in knowing what

drives you?

Star: Oh, that’s simple! I want to see my name in lights!

Jim: Yes, I believe you mentioned that.

Star: Oh, but I don’t mean just ANY lights! I want to people to hear the name ‘Star

Wannabe’ and know that I’m the most popular woman in the world! Bigger than

Hillary Clinton! Bigger than Cher! Bigger than Liz Taylor! And that’s BIG!

Jim: Yes, it certainly would be.

Star: I suppose that’s what drives me, Jim. Who doesn’t want to be famous? Who

doesn’t want millions of devoted fans? Who doesn’t want people to love and adore

them? Don’t you think they’ll like me, Jim? {concerned & insecure}

Jim: Oh, yes. Certainly. Everyone will love you . . . once they know you.

Star: {happy & content at Jim’s reassurance} Yes, they’ll love me! They’ll really, really

love me! Oh, I’ve just got to win this!

Jim: Okay, well, Star- I know many Hollywood stars have found fame to be empty,

meaningless ... what do you have to say about that?

Star: Oh, its just because they weren’t BIG enough stars! How could somebody NOT find

satisfaction and joy in being followed by hundreds of paparazzi and people interested

in every detail of your private life?

Jim: If you become a big star, don’t you think people prying into your personal life will be

intrusive and bothersome to you?

Star: Oh no! I’ve got nothing to hide! Why? Don’t you think they’ll be interested? {sound


Jim: Oh yes, I’m sure they will. Well, let me conclude our interview by asking you, in your

own words, why do you believe that YOU should be America’s #1 idol?

Star: Jim, everyone wants to be loved, admired and respected by others and there are

millions just like me who LIVE for it!

Before we evaluate Star’s interview, let’s remember just a little bit about idols that we brought up last week.As we talked about this morning in our study of the Ten Commandments, the 1st & 2nd commandments state: "You shall have no other gods before me." & "You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them!" An idol doesn’t have to be something physical like a golden calf in order for it to draw one’s allegiance away from God- it can be anything. The REASON God demands NO idolatry among his people is that he knows about our inclination to get distracted in our devotion to Him. He knows we have a tendency to place either things we can see, feel & touch or things that are important to us over and above our allegiance to Him. And He won’t have it! God demands our total attention and devotion! And ANYTHING that threatens to distract us from Him, can become an idol and MUST be removed from our lives! Ben (last week) represented the idol of ‘work.’

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