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“For many are invited, but few are chosen”

Ever been through an interview successful? Or were you discouraged by the turn-outs and thus felt defeated even before facing the interviewing panel? You need not get disappointed as I have a story for you from a past experience. A story of overcoming the lies of the devil into victory. Please note this:

I attended a military recruitment exercise that had been well advertised. In this case, people turned out for the exercise that comprised men and women from three large districts. We gathered at a stadium for the recruitment exercise. I was utterly surprised to meet the whole field full of ‘potential’ recruits. The devil lied to me that I was a nobody and that I would not possibly make it amidst the whole population. The devil further insisted that I did not look like a person who can hold up a bazooka leave alone pull the trigger! I did not give in.

During the selection, half of those in the stadia were mere cheerers and onlookers who had come to witness in the exercise. This group of idler and busybodies were sent away from the field. I was surprised to see a large lot of idlers being sent away. I hope that many will not be sent away from heaven the same way! Then another half of those remaining could not attain the minimum grade requirements and they therefore followed suit. At the end, only about one hundred out of the thousands, were left for further scrutiny. I couldn’t believe that I was one of the chosen few left for the final exercise. There were, again, several ‘final’ test, still, to select those fit for the military training.

In a games stadium, most of those who attend, are spectators who have little or nothing to do at all. The ‘active’ material is negligible, in the field playing. Christians alike, are not left behind in this regard as they fill pews to cheer up the preacher and those seriously going to heaven. Lovely reader, it is my prayer that you are not one of those escorting the rest to heaven. Be a commuter and not a tout. Touts pretend to be commuters so as to fill the bus with passengers yet they don’t travel themselves. Spiritual touts are a big problem today as in the olden days. They tend to confuse the crowd so that they may take advantage of them and steal from them. Beware of the rabble! When the children of Israel left Egypt, a group of men and women, who were not Israelites went with them and this lot created problems for the Israelites in the wilderness ( Exodus 12L:38 & Numbers 11:4) for they were full of lusts.

Do not listen to those ushering others to heaven. We have them everywhere, in our workplaces, homes, learning institutions etc. They merely critisize issues which are spiritual for no apparent reason. Your friend, spouse, brother or sister could be following you as a matter of fact but deep within, the testimony is not manifest. It is quite easy to know such people from their fruits- they are arrogant, like complaining and nagging, they are unfaithful and fond of speaking lies etc. We should pray for these people so that the Lord may visit them and make them part of us in the kingdom lest they influence us into being jeered.

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