Child Dedication

?Anointment of each child - *Explanation of anointing*

In the OT there were 3 reasons that anointing with oil was used

I.] Healing

II.] Embalming

II.] To set someone apart - olive oil is a symbol of joy, happiness and honor

Today we are anointing these childern to set them apart according to God's Word.

? Challenge to Parents

As a parent you are promising to care for and raise your childern in a God fearing and God honoring way so that when they are older they will commit their lives to Jesus and become followers of Him. Do you infront of God and these witnesses, promise to pray for your child daily, teach your child about Jesusand faithfully attend church with your child. Will you model a Christ like life inside your home and outside your home?

Parents, If you make these vows please say: I will.

?Challenge to Church

As the church you are promising to support, encourage, love, and care for these childern and families by praying, being their spiritual family and modeling thru your lives what it meansto be a disciple of Jesus and walking along side these families as their childern grow.

Church, if you make these vows please say: I will

?Prayer over parents and childern

?Presentation of Bibles to childern

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