Summary: China is a great sleeping giant. Millions die each year without BENEFIT OF THE GOSPEL?

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Do you believe the gospel? Do you believe the Great Commission? Have you done all you can to reach the lost for Jesus Christ?

A hundred and fifty years ago, Hudson Taylor started China Inland Missions with a call to go to China and reach the millions without Christ. The message today is the same: China is the most populous country in the world. It is a sleeping giant. Millions die every day and they die without Christ.

Taylor recruited 24 men to go to China. To go to the unreached interior of that massive country. There were eleven provinces in the interior and his plan was to send two to each. It was a good plan and God was behind it. The church of Jesus Christ has grown in China from his efforts and the efforts of these men.

Today, the call is even more urgent. Today, China grows larger and larger. It is in the interior that the mission effort must grow and be once more established through the native Chinese empowereed by us.

The Great Commission calls the church to send out the call, and to make disciples of those in all nations. To do the work of the gospel.

It has been ten years since I visited Xian, one of those interior provinces. There was a sign near the great wall that surrounded the city. It was from monks who had brought the gospel to Xian in the middle ages. Those monks were the first, China Inland Mission was the next. We are the next. Whether you be Baptist, or Presbyterian or Lutheran, you are commissioned to get involved.

If you are a Christian, and you have a zeal for missions, get involved. Take the gospel message, take your cloak and the parchments, the Bible.

In China there is a vast underground church out of Hong Kong and Tiawan. It is along the coast. In the interior, where many Christians meet, they only have a page or two of the scriptures. They might have the third chapter of John. They crowd into basements and small houses, and crowd outside to hear the message of Christ. This is a hungry people, hungry for understanding and hungry for the gospel.

Many of us in America live lives of luxury and comfort. We work in the church. We do God’s work here. We are treated well. We are pampered in many respects and complimented on our fine messages. But the gospel road of the Hudson Taylors, the mission work in the backwaters of the world is hard work. It is difficult to overcome language barriers. It takes dedication, courage and long hours of preparation. Are you willing to do it? Are you willing to go for it for God? THINK OF WAYS TO REACH OUT FOR THE LOST OF CHINA

Write to me and let me know your thoughts. Let me know what you think. Let me know if you will join me in the 21st century thrust into the interior of China. To carry the word, to change that part of the world for Jesus Christ. New mission effort will be needed.

Write any inquiries to: Joe Adaline, Beaconfield Baptist Church, 21801 Beaconsfield Road, Eastpointe, Mi 48021

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