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Summary: Jesus tells about Himself and the importance of following Him as Shepherd.

Jesus, the God Man: The Gospel of John

“Choose the Right Door”

John 10:7-10

Introduction: Most of you can probably remember the game show called “Let’s Make a Deal.” Contestants were given the chance to win fabulous prizes by choosing what was behind the correct door. The host would give them money or a prize and then offer for them to exchange it for what was behind a door. They had to make sure they chose the correct door.

In that game the worse that could happen is for you to go home with a really bad gift like a bucket of dirt or a goat or perhaps nothing at all, but as we discover today the results of choosing the wrong door can have eternal consequences.

Last week we heard Jesus tell us to listen for the voice of the Shepherd and to then follow and obey the Shepherd. The Pharisees that were listening did not understand what He was talking about and thus proved that He was not their Shepherd.

He tells more about Himself and the importance of following Him as Shepherd. Ready for the big deal of the day? Then make sure you “choose the right door.”

1. Jesus protects us. (vv. 7-8)

Last week I explained about the community sheepfold, but for you to understand this passage you must understand about a sheepfold in the wild.

The shepherd would find a shelter of rock walls, a cave or just a section with brambles. He would bring the sheep into this enclosed space leaving only a narrow opening as an entry and then he would lie down across the opening and become the door himself. The only way the sheep could leave or predators could enter would be over the body of the shepherd.

“verily, verily, truly, truly” – Jesus continues his thought of His being a Shepherd and He does not want them to miss this.

“I am the Door of the sheep” – This is the third of seven “I am” statements by Jesus in this gospel.

This door is “exit only” because Jesus is leading the sheep out of Judaism and the law and into a relationship with Himself. This was pictured in the OT as Moses led the children outside the camp in order to worship God.

Jesus is the door. Nothing comes into our lives unless it comes by Him first! Don’t say Jesus does not know what is going on in your life or He does not care. He is the Shepherd, the Door. It came by Him first in order to get into your life! He let it pass because He has a purpose for EVERYTHING in your life!

“All” – Not literally all. Moses and David and the prophets were all good shepherds. He is referring here to the Pharisees and the scribes.

Good warning for us though. You should trust Jesus and those that follow Him as a good shepherd of the sheep. Don’t believe and trust those that are thieves and robbers. They only want what they can get out of the sheep. They want the wool or the meat. They don’t care about the sheep! Don’t get fleeced!

Here is why they were false shepherds and why there are false shepherds today and thus they were false doors:

“Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.”Luke 11:52 (NIV)

Thousands of ordained men in the present day know nothing whatever about Christ, except His name. They have not entered "the door" themselves, and they are unable to show it to others. Unconverted ministers are the dry-rot of the Church…We must never fail to ask, Where is the Lamb? Where is the Door? Does he bring forward Christ, and give Him his rightful place? --J.C. Ryle, Expository Thoughts on the Gospel of John

Scripture’s harshest words were reserved for false teachers! Matthew 3:7, 23:14, 24, 33; 2 Corinthians 11:13; 2 Peter 2:17; Jude 12, 13.

Jesus however is different. Unlike these false shepherds He wants to give to you and not take from you. He will ask for something, but He will not take it from you!

2. Jesus provides for us. (v. 9)

“I am the door.” Not of the sheep anymore, but to all. The last time was to take the sheep out of Judaism and now this is an invitation into His sheepfold for all.

Notice His words, “if anyone enters BY ME” If you want in you must come through the Shepherd. You can’t sneak in. That is what thieves and robbers do, but if you want to be one of His sheep the invitation has just been given to enter by Him.

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