Summary: We the church must bring others to a decision.

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I was talking to a man the other day about the Lord.He began to make excuses why he would not serve God.He being under conviction began to reason to me why he could not be a Christan.he said"i like beer i smoke having a girl friend and bad grammar was apparent also."

I was able to tell him a little about Christ.Tears began to come in to his eyes.I was able to tell him in short where i come from when i received he saved me from this wicked world i saw a glimmer of hope in him, he wanted to come.

He now was at the place of decision.

will i keep this life that leads me to hell or take the path to God.

I believe that many think if they just ask someone to church they have done there part.I believe that people should go to church,but that persons life could be required before they got a chance to go to church.

I have opportunity to talk to people i may never so again an i like to leave their presence knowing where they stand God has appointed us to be as the watchmen on the wall to warn the people if they here and don't receive their blood is on them"I don't won't it on me"

If you don't tell them this Gospel that blood is on you.

many say" I'm afraid" my answer to that is get full of the Holy Ghost God did NOT give us the spirit of fear. If you are full of God you can't fear.

Some may say"that's not my calling"there may be some called to reach more souls than others but if reaching souls an bring them to a decision is not your calling you need to get saved an have an experience with God.

We as the church must be able to bring people to a decision.

I left the presence of that man knowing that as the the watchman i warned him .If his life was required that day he knew what to expect.

I take no satisfaction to know that a soul will go to hell.He is still in my prayers.God is still able.

I do take comfort knowing his blood is not on my hands.I did not leave in defeat(thinking i should of said something more,or if only,or what if)by refusing God he made his choice.


Before i left in the mist of all his reasoning i was able to tell him that God would take him how he is salvation first everything els is details.

So often people want to make themselves good if we were able to do that we would not need Christ.

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