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Summary: As we look at Palm Sunday, we must remember that the crowd stopped cheering Jesus and began doing their own thing.

Christ Awakening

Matthew 21:1-11


This morning we will take a 2 week break from the book of James and center in our preparing our hearts for Easter celebration. Today is the first day of Holy Week. The week leading up to Jesus going to the cross, and the great resurrection of Jesus from the dead that forever changed mankind. At least giving us an opportunity for a changed life and changed circumstances.

The triumphant entry of Jesus is recorded in all the Gospels- that is important. His entry was history making. People everywhere What a scene. Can you picture it? Packed like a 4th of July celebration, people everywhere because of being a few days before passover. Temples full, visitors everywhere. People caught up in the moment. The emotion of the day was running high- full throttle Like high caffeine drinks. Throwing branches down in front of Him. A parade for Jesus. “Hosanna to the son of David, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, Hosanna in the highest” The Bible say when Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred and asked “Who is this?” The crowds answered - This is Jesus The prophet from Nazareth in Galilee. The son of a carpenter? No way Yes way I say- are you kidding me? The prophet from Nazareth? He spent time with them. They watched him heal people. He feed them when they had no food. A prophet? He admitted and showed them He was the Son of God. The event may be historical. The event carried mixed-feelings and had a mixed crowd. Some yelling Hosanna Some yelling “Who’s this?” There was a disconnect of the people. Some loved Him. Some hated Him. Some didn’t know Him. Some didn’t want to know Him. Some believed that He would not affect their lives at all.They needed a Christ Awakening And so does America

Today we live in a world that has lost it’s way. America was a country founded on Christian beliefs. It is far from it’s roots. America was not a a nation founded on all roads lead to God. It was not a nation founded on the premise of being a good person and do the best you can and God will approve your effort. It was founded on our belief in God so much that we put it on our money, which to most people is the most important thing in life. Just like Jesus entry into Jerusalem, we live in a society where some say Hosanna in the highest, and some who say Who’s this? We stand at a crossroad that we will have to choose the path we will walk in. For Jesus this must of been a tough time. He is fulfilling prophecy. He is truly the Son of God who has come to redeem a dying world. He definitely deserves the praise of those who were yelling for Him. So what happen? Why did most turn away? How do you go from praising God, to being a part of a lynch mob? First we have to realize why some were praising. They praised and worshiped Him for two reasons.

(1) He performed miracles. He raised Lazarus from the dead. He feed a multitude of people at a peep rally in a field.

(2) They saw him as a savior, not of their souls, but as the redeemer of oppression from the Romans. They didn’t want to ride in on a donkey, but on a white war horse to let Rome He meant business. Jesus fulfilled prophecy by coming on a donkey, but he did not fulfill the expectation the people put on him. They wanted him on a war horse and riding against Rome. Jesus teachings are hard. I don’t try to water it down or candy coat it. Being a Christian and Christ follower is hard. Impossible in yourself. His teachings are tough and hard to take. He taught submission instead of being a bull in a china shop- getting your way or else. He taught commitment. If you follow Him, it is for your whole life. Gal. 3:28 “There is neither Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. We come in many shapes and colors. Jesus breaks down racial barriers, social barriers, status barriers. And if you are going to follow Jesus- it is not easy, but it is possible and the church of Christ celebrates Jesus walk to Jerusalem. If we are going to do that- it will not be because of the miracles we are asking Jesus to perform. It will not be us looking for Jesus to turn water into wine, feeding 5000 from fish and bread. It will not be putting Jesus on a white horse to get rid of all the bad the world has going on. It will be because the men and women of God are not looking at Jesus for what he can do for them, but shouting Hosanna for what he has already done for us Amen Commercials say “Built Ford Tough”, I heard a preacher say we need it to be “Built Lord tough” cell phones, i-pods, music devises may cause today’s inattentive drivers to crash, but today’s distractions are also causing Christians to take the wrong path when they come to crossroads and intersections in their lives. The crossroads are to put us back on track ans some are going farther and faster in the wrong direction.

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