Summary: Paul said people in his day were offended by the preaching of the cross. They are today too.

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Christ Crucified


"The Jews ask for a sign. "

That request might be the deep yearning of the soul to know and touch God.

Or it might be the thirst for entertainment and curiosity.

Jesus had many to come to him for signs .. but he knew when to give them.

In Luke 23, "Now, when Herod saw Jesus he was exceedingly glad" because he thought he would get to see a miracle.

But 23:9 says that "He {Jesus} answered him nothing."

Matthew 12:39, "A wicked and adulterous generation looks for a sign."

But Jesus saw in Herod, in the wicked, and in the Jews



He saw skepticism, curiosity, and doubt.

They looked for a sign that this Jesus was the Messiah and what they saw repulsed them.

What they saw was the epitome of weakness ... being defeated ... death.

"and the Greeks seek after wisdom. "

They loved intellectual sparring and challenge. They were the experts, the learned, the airheads.

They loved speculation and abstractions.

They would only respect someone who could come to them with great wisdom,

compelling arguments, and the greatest oratory.

But instead of great intellectual argument, all they got was "CHRIST CRUCIFIED."

And that made no sense at all ... almighty God crucified ... the creator at the mercy of his creation.

The first century A.D. was looking to the church, the disciples to convince them that this Jesus was indeed who they claimed Him to be.

And what did the church offer??? a slain, defeated, weak, savior.

To the Jews it was a sign ... that it was a lie.

To the Greek it was foolishness ... God ... killed!

To the Jews and to the Greeks it became A STUMBLING BLOCK. .. it caused them to reject, to turn away.

In their wisdom they rejected the folly of it.

To the Greeks it was foolishness because if he was God he didn't die, and ifhe did then he wasn't much of a god.

And it also is a mean and vengeful god that would require his subjects to die.

To the Jews it was a stumbling block because it destroys everything they believe in

their goodness

their specialness, their uniqueness

their laws

their sacrificial system

their temple

They could not accept that so it became a stumbling block.

But what was the church's reaction?

to temper the message to suit the audience? ... like modern churches

To gloss over the hard or objectionable parts?

To major on the parts which were acceptable?

They preached CHRIST. .. God in the flesh, virgin born son, Messiah, Savior, Way

They preached Christ CRUCIFIED... killed, on the cross, hideous death, rejection,


They PREACHED it... openly, boldly, fully, unashamedly, proclaim, publicly.

To the Jews a stumbling block, to the Greeks foolishness BUT ... BUT TO THEM THAT ARE CALLED ....

To them that are willing to believe, to accept, to receive, to repent ...



and in this world

WHAT ABOUT TODAY. ... has the "Offense of the cross" ceased?


It insults our intelligence... we are more educated,

more evolved,

not hostage to old thinking

We KNOW God better...

God is in all

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