Summary: Christ is God our eternal savior---the only savior we need for he made the way for us.



Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid (July 9, 2015)

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, And a light unto my path" (Psalms 119:105, King James Version).

Greetings In The Name Of Jesus,

My brothers and sisters, I want to make it to the other side. To think of the other side of anything is to go through something---a struggle in unbelief. In this way we regard our struggle in suffering as going through something because we do not believe wholeheartedly. In response to wanting to make it to the other side we gently say, Is it over? as I imagined the Israelites thought when the waters abated---split in half to let them pass through to escape the army of Egypt's pharoah who was the god they served as slaves, only to slip right back into unbelief when Moses left to go see God on Mount Sinai.

Most importantly, making it to the other side of our suffering is to say it is over. Finally, God delivered us through Christ from under the weight of our suffering. In reflection we contemplated how we prayed to Christ,

Lord, I am a doctor in a sick room when the maladies of my body make me so sick. Lord, I am a lawyer in a courtroom when the wheels of injustice rapidly move as a runaway train when we wrestled with principalities to make a stand. Lord, I am a peacemaker when only the steady hand of Christ could quiet the day ruled by confusion. Lord, let me hear your voice for you are the way.

Lord, I am the spirit of meekness to inherit the earth when the strong hand of corruption threatened to make me lose the shirt on my back. Lord, lift me up in spirit to worship God when the afflictions of my mind cast me into the darkness of my soul, in my heart. Lord, you are my way to escape when evil tries to enter in my space. Lord, I am the spirit of patience to help those in need---"a lamp to my feet and a light unto my path" (Psalms 119:105,KJV). Lord, I am faith when I struggle in unbelief.

Lord, I am a light in the darkness of misery when you strengthen my unbelief. Lord, I am courage when the battle is not an easy win and the fruits of labor pass me by---let me abide in God's love waiting on you, LORD. I am a sound mind separate from the oppression of slavery---no longer bound to false beliefs, false doctrine under false leaders with false principles. Let me soar above under the wings of eagles back to your marvelous light---free, indeed. Lord, the holy spirit guides me to shake off the dust from my feet when I step in an unholy mess---prepare the way for my going out and prepare the way for my coming in; order my steps, LORD.

Moreover, the escape from unbelief is just as important to our deliverance as the escape itself since the unbelief possibly played a paramount role in getting us deeply wedged in the evil mess in the first place but we believed enough to call on Christ and we believed enough to pray to Christ. For many who struggle in unbelief failed to do just that. Some unbelievers feel it doesn't matter whether they call on the name of Christ or not, even more so pray to Christ. Some folks who struggle in unbelief feel hopeless---incapable of making a difference in their own lives leaning on the LORD.

More importantly, Christ is a savior for those low on the totem pole and those blessed and highly favored even though the two seldomly sit together on the same pew in church. I tell you, put your trust in the Lord. He will see you through to the other side of unbelief. He is a way maker and a peace maker---a shelter in a storm, a breeze in the heat of the day, manna (food) from the sky, the lesser light by night, and the greater light by day. God is a great God.

In closing, Christ is our eternal light. Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. In the Name of Jesus. So be it. Amen.

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