Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Christ is formed in us through the work of the Holy Spirit, just like the Holy Spirit did in order for Jesus to be born in this world.

Key Text – Matthew 1:18

Key Idea – The Holy Spirit worked through a person to bring Jesus into the world. The same way today, the Holy Spirit works through us to bring Jesus to others.

I. Matthew 1:18-20

a. “This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be with child through the Holy Spirit.”

i. It was decided that the Holy Spirit would be the person of the Godhead that would perform this miracle.

ii. The Trinity was involved, but the Spirit’s role to see that Jesus was inserted into Mary’s womb. How?

iii. Jesus was conceived into Mary, not the human way, but through a supernatural intervention from God.

iv. A Miracle! Impossible for us, but possible for God. Do you believe God can do this? Are we sure?

b. God wants to do the same thing in us.

i. Through God’s miraculous power through His Spirit, He wants to make Jesus a reality in our lives.

1. Difficult? A Miracle? Impossible? Do you believe God can do this?

2. Easier to say that God can do that with Mary to bring Jesus into the world…

3. But not that easy for Jesus to be “conceived” in us

4. Does God want to live in me? Why? I’m not perfect? Neither was Mary. But Mary was willing.

5. We think can do that for somebody else and we feel left out. What about me? I want to experience what that person experienced.

6. God desires to do the same thing with you and with me.

a. To make Jesus a reality in you and that you will bring Jesus into the world.

b. God wants to live in us and begin to change our lives.

II. The Angel Comes to Mary

a. Luke 1:28 – Angel gives special message of what God was about to do.

i. Troubled, confused and scared

ii. Angel’s comfort – Don’t be afraid.

iii. God’s plans for us can be troubling, cause confusion, and cause fear. But that’s because we don’t understand God’s plans for us.

iv. You might ask, what is God’s plan for me?

1. Here it’s simple

a. Be available for God to do something in you

b. When you are called upon to serve God in some way… be available.

III. Mat 1:18

a. “She was found to be with child through the Holy Spirit.”

b. Joseph found out that Mary was pregnant

i. She told him or…

ii. He noticed it.

c. Once the Spirit begins to work in your life and you have been willing allow the Spirit to take over your life,

i. YOU will be found to be with a Child – Jesus

ii. It will be noticeable or…

iii. You can’t keep your mouth shut about telling others of what God is doing with you.

iv. Mary’s life was totally changed because she was found with Jesus

v. Your life was totally changed when Jesus was found in you

vi. If you haven’t been found to be with Jesus you don’t know what you are missing.

IV. “Jesus in you” creates confusion in others

a. Joseph too didn’t understand what was happening with Mary

b. Had he known the truth he wouldn’t have thought about secretly divorcing her.

c. The angel appears to Joseph and tells him the same thing he told Mary – Don’t be afraid.

i. What’s happening in Mary is the work of the Holy Spirit.

d. When the Holy Spirit is in you and Jesus becomes evident it may create confusion in others because they can’t believe that God would choose to do great things through you.

i. Maybe your past makes them doubt

ii. Maybe your life being changed creates fear in others because you’ve tried to change before but you ended up in the same place and only disappointing loved ones, but now its not you working the change, but the Spirit of God that lives in you.

V. Others will see Jesus in You

a. Even while you in your beginning stages of your walk with Jesus others will notice Jesus in you.

b. Luke 1:41-42 – Jesus was noticeable to Elizabeth because the Spirit revealed it to her. She knew that something special was in Mary because her presence made an effect in Elizabeth.

i. What a testimony! Wouldn’t that be awesome that when you walk into a room people sense that you have been Jesus and that you bring Jesus in you. Not because of YOU, but because the Spirit reveals Him in you.

VI. Others will see Jesus with You

a. Luke 2:25 – Simeon, full of the Spirit recognizes Jesus while being brought into the Temple. Not because of YOU, but because the Spirit reveals Him in you.

VII. God in Us (Col 1:26, 27)

a. God in Us before God with us

b. God wants to live in us. What will you answer Him today?

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Gordon A Ward Jr

commented on Mar 29, 2012

Nice and put in simple language for all..kinda brief though.

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