Summary: If we could get what we need from God in any other way … If there was anyway else we could earn favor with God … Christ’s death is meaningless. Are we willing to do whatever it takes to show people what they need?

Christ is all that Matters

Galatians, Part 4

Galatians 2:11-21

- Remember the purpose of this letter:

• To teach

• To correct

• To point us to Jesus

- Paul expressed clearly in last week’s study that unity is critical

-- Division is not profitable for the church; or the work we have before us

-- The church must be unified in order that we would draw others to Christ

-- The Gospel’s truth must be preserved in all that we do: it is our mission

- Message today is more application than instruction …

- Read Galatians 2:11-21

- Pray

∆ Point 1 – Christ Brings Renewal (11-16)

- Paul has to have an honest conversation with Peter here for specific reasons

-- Note that Paul does not just decide to stir up things within the group

- He doesn’t take cheap shots at Peter behind his back; but talks right to him

-- APP: This is a critical app for believers today: gossip is sinful

- Paul knew this and knew that he must specifically talk to Peter and get this aired

-- Why? Because it is the right thing to do; vice stirring up dissention in the church

-- Gossip & dissention leads to rebellion, which leads to even more sins committed

-- When Paul has this discussion with Peter it is to solve an issue; not cause more

- What was happening?

-- Peter was spending time in seclusion; withdrawing purposely; staying private

-- Now, the Bible does not give us specific details as to “why”; but here is a theory

- When the Jews were not around, Peter was all about the Gentiles

-- He was more than likely eating BLT sandwiches and enjoying the good life

-- But when the Jews came around; all of a sudden he would seclude himself

-- APP: The Bible tells us he feared (v12) those in the circumcision group

- But, do you see what that led to? (v13) More division and more segregation!

-- Consider for a moment what this could have led to if it wasn’t stopped …

-- Total rebellion among the brotherhood, lots of gossip within the church

-- Or perhaps, whispers in the sanctuary and places of worship set aside for God?

- APP: This is the reason for the confrontation, and why it’s done (v14)

-- What Paul is getting at is simple: Why would you force them to live different?

-- APP: Customs do not equal a relationship w/ Jesus; obedience does

- Paul is ensuring that Peter not only understands this, but that he:

• Is devoted to leading others to the true Christ

• Realizes that following the Law, during this time, does NOT save

- We must know that religion does not save, but only following Jesus does (v16)

-- Under Jewish Law if they followed the observances they were made right

- However, in following Christ we must teach/obey John 14:6 (I am the way …)

-- There is only one true Christ and even in this correction; Jesus is revealed

- This is the true sign (and a great application for believers today on witnessing)

-- APP: Even in correction Jesus must be revealed. Not opinion; but Jesus Christ

- TRANS: Faith in Christ makes us justified (not works) because he is righteous

∆ Point 2 – Justified in Christ (17-18)

- (v17) The first things we must realize who we are:

• We are sinners in need of a Savior

• Once redeemed, we are sent not to show others the way

- APP: It’s the great commission in action … we go where the sin is (not partake)

-- Too many churches live in seclusion of sinners and by that sin themselves

-- Focusing on ourselves is not our mission in the church …

- It was both heart-breaking and sad to watch this week’s news unfold

-- Many were shamed and ridiculed as their sin was revealed to the world

-- Lots were being shamed publically (or worse … privately in our hearts)

-- And it is the exact opposite of what Christ has taught us to do to one another

- Why would I bring up this sensitive topic during this message?

-- IMP: People still need the Lord today, regardless of what is going on

-- People need to know that they can still come to Christ

- Need to know that the church is still a place for them to find hope/restoration

-- Need to see that God, while disappointed, has NOT given up on them

- In seeking to be justified in Christ; we should find ourselves with sinners

-- We should go to them and lift them up; be prepared to encounter broken lives

-- Just because we have Christ doesn’t mean we are perfect

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