Summary: There is an abiding love to comfort us as the righteous fight the good fight, on the battlefield of faith.

Christ Is An Abiding Love


Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid (10/29/2013)

“If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love, even as I have kept my Father's commandments, and abide in his love” (John 15:10, King James Version, KJV [Christ promiseth Comforter]).

Greetings in the Name of Jesus,

My brothers and sisters, do you know there is an abiding love? Christ Jesus is an abiding love. Do you hear the children of the light crying? Why do they cry when they are the children of the light? They continuously say, “Tell ...”

I ask you, do you want me to tell the United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia not to say “the blacks” in discussion of the benefits of The United States of America 14th Amendment? Are you black or not? Or, is it that he said, “the blacks” that blatantly sounded offensively racism? Perhaps, in all fairness, he should mention, “the whites”, “the browns”, “the yellows” and “the reds”; all of them a rather lethal grouping in combination as they are lethal in grouping singularly.

Do you want me to tell you of the whole of America's rise on the backs of “the blacks” and tell you of the whole of America's fall out of the greed of oppression? In the words of a deep south apostle in southwest Georgia, “Many of you did not just start to be low-down, dirty, and nasty” (personal communication, 2013). Sometimes what is--amounted to the whole of nothing or nothing out of the whole, for the oppressed peoples from all the groups. In particular, you should know by now how “the blacks” spoken of so generously by Supreme Court Justice Scalia must share with all the other minorities (men, women, and children) and white women, in what some call the oppressed of America. Yes, the white man stands alone, primarily evidenced in payroll by what the white man takes home for pay and what those in the oppressed group takes home for pay. Yes, the white man stands alone, secondarily evidenced in privileges by considerations especially in economic hardship. There is the old cliché' when white America has a cold, black America has pneumonia. This interpretation altered by public opinion, the times we live in and personal preference might not always be evident. One fact remained that no one wanted to be singled out; not ever, so we generalize until we pass out in disgust of the status quo.

The United States14th Amendment states, “Rights Guaranteed Privileges and Immunities of Citizenship, Due Process and Equal Protection”(Amendment XIV of the United States Constitution, 1866;1868). However, someone is crying, do you hear them saying, “Tell ...” Do you want me to tell Justice Scalia the true intent of the 14th Amendment was not about anchor babies, those who interpreted the 14th Amendment to gain citizenship for their families through birthright in America? Sensibly, sooner than later, the babies do come but to purposely decide to come to America to birth children in order to anchor citizenship, if not at that time then later, for “the blacks” who are the original unwilling immigrants, just does not sit well or does it? Is it the anchoring of babies for citizenship in America via the 14th Amendment that is so disturbing or solely Justice Scalia's use of the words, “the blacks” that is the outrage?

I want to tell you about Christ Jesus. He said, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (St. John 15:13). It mattered less that you singled me out, targeted my group, in your opinion because deep down inside you feel I “the black” stands in a superior holding to the 14th Amendment, owning it every day of my life not happen chance; if, the 14th Amendment showed itself relevant in my suffering moments then I still could waver and jump over the stick of citizenship but I “the black” needed it like I needed my mother's milk the day of my birth, not just that day but everyday. Yes, the 14th Amendment is “the black's” suffering stick, able to persecute or provide relief


but you would rather I say, the 14th Amendment is now a thorn in all our sides, if it benefits one more so than the others; if it holds one higher than the others; if it saves one group of peoples “the blacks” more than the other groups of peoples. Let us consider the truth of practice in a failed justice system which denied “the blacks” you speak of, their 14th Amendment rights guaranteed privileges of citizenship, due process and equal protection.

I must let go and let God's love prevail. We all must let go and let God's love prevail. Many are still crying, do you hear them crying, “Tell ...” Firstly, let us place the words of Justice Scalia, in perspective, now that we have some background on how some of our minority groups used the 14th Amendment. According to the Washington Post (10/16/2013) article, Supreme Court justices skeptical of affirmative-action arguments; this time around the argument was for banning affirmative action in college admissions in the State of Michigan. Justice Scalia was cited saying, “that the 14th Amendment—which was explicitly passed in the wake of the Civil War to establish citizenship and voting rights for former slaves—doesn't protect “only the blacks”.

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