Summary: Jesus has promised His return one day, so we need to be ready.

Christ is Coming

Today’s society is a transient people who are constantly on the move, who are constantly busy and who are constantly active. What do I mean by a transient people? A people not bound to one specific locality. Where they live their life’s and ultimately die. In the past most people were born, grew up, married and lived in the same locality all of their life’s. They lived in the same neighborhoods as their parents and grandparents and the like had lived in for generations. They associated with a close nit community of friends and family which they grew up and lived among.

People had a sense of community togetherness and the church was the central theme of their very existence. Most grew up inside of the walls of the neighborhood church. The church was not just a building to gather on Sundays but it was a way of life.

Times have changed for most of the population; the tightly bound communities are becoming a thing of the past. People are moving to the areas of the country that promise better economic opportunities. No longer does neighbor mean close friend but they are those people with whom we compete with for neighborhood status. More than likely, a move to a new area is alienation from ones roots.

People have also changed their outlook on the church. They seek those establishments that pledge their advancement in social status. The church was a place of family and friends and now has become a center of socialization for transient souls to find acceptance and gain social status.

Have we lost the meaning of why the church was first instituted? Have we come so far in worldly pursuits that Christ is no longer the emphasis of the pulpit? I think not! This will not be my ambition. With me, Christ is still in the meaning of Christian!

Jesus Christ crucified. He rose again the third day. He ascended into heaven. He is still the savior of mankind from their sins. This is still the message of the Free Methodist Church and this will be the message that we relate to a fallen world. Mark 1:15 states, “the kingdom of God is at hand; repent ye”. Our message is still a message of hope, a message of saving grace and a message of forgiveness. Our emphasis is still the salvation for the sinner and salvation for his soul.

God’s kingdom is on the horizon and his millennium is at hand. There is an urgency in our sermons because, beyond a shadow of doubt, the time is drawing near when Jesus Christ will return and return soon he will. He will take his church from this earth and into heaven. Those who are not ready for his triumphant Second Coming will be left behind. Those left behind will be judged and found wanting, in Romans 6:23 He tells us “for the punishment of sin is death”. This will be a spiritual death and alienation from Gods presence. Souls lost for an eternity of divine punishment because they chose to ignore God and His message of love. And know this, sin is death!

The earthly soul that sins will surely die, if perchance it doesn’t make the choice that God longs for it to make. God has spoken through his word and tells us, those left behind will be lost forever and in danger of hell fire. I am not a fire and brimstone nor hell and damnation preacher; however, I can only give to you those words that God relays through me, this message of life or death. I implore of you today, “choose this day whom you will serve”.

The glorious day of the Lord is approaching. Those that have not made their decision will fall victim to the Day of Judgement. Those that delay because they think time is on their side, will find the tribulation hastily descending upon them like a fiery chariot carrying God’s judgement.

Now the question is, what can one do to appease the wrath of God, to atone for ones sins, to escape the everlasting punishment that we so justly deserve? The answer is unbelievably obvious. We can do nothing! Nothing we could ever champion would atone for our sins and bridge the chasm that exists between God and us. When we realize our total helplessness then can we have the opportunity to restore that broken relationship that exists between God and us.

John 3:16 tells us, “for God so loved the world (you and me), that he gave his only begotten son, and that whosoever shall believe on his name (our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ) will receive everlasting life”. This is not a message of hopelessness but a message of prosperity, a message of love and a message of joy. When you believe on the name of Jesus Christ, the kingdom of God is in your possession. Reach out and grasp this life given to you. Your name is written in the book of life!

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