Summary: Christ my example

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Reading: Philippians chapter 2 verses 1-30:


• Story told about a Jewish man in New York who bought a little shop;

• Problem was it was squeezed in between two gigantic department stores.

• He wondered what to call his little shop,

• After much thought he had a brainwave, he called it ‘ENTRANCE!’

• In life we can be crushed and defeated by our problems;

• Or with God’s help we can overcome and get the better of our difficulties.

The Apostle Paul knew the Church at Philippia had problems:

• Chapter 1 verses 15-18:

• Tells us Paul had his rivals, opponents who criticised him & his message.

• Chapter 3 verses 1-3:

• Tells us that there were false teachers confusing these believers with wrong teaching.

• Chapter 4 verses 1-3:

• Tells us there were people openly arguing in an unhealthy and damaging way.

Paul knew that these problems would not be solved by rules or threats:

• These problems would only get solved;

• When these Christians get their hearts and minds right with Christ.

• So he gives them four examples, four models.

• Jesus (verses 1-11, Paul himself (verses 12-18),

• Timothy (verses 19-24)

• Epaphroditus (verses 25-30).

We don’t have time to look at all four examples:

• So we are going to look at the first and greatest in the chapter.

• Jesus Christ – he is our ultimate example, he is our perfect model.


• A husband came down to breakfast and was delighted to hear his wife say;

• "Darling you are a model husband'.

• Now he was so flattered by the remark;

• That latter on that day he decided to look up the meaning of the word in his Oxford dictionary.

• He found the page and began reading:

• "Model, a small plastic imitation of the real thing".

• Question: Does that describe your Christian experience?

• “A small imitation of the real thing?”

• God wants us as individuals and also our Churches;

• To be the real deal, the genuine article.


• A father took his young son to a large city museum;

• Thinking that the visit would entertain the boy.

• But for two hours the lad did nothing but sigh and complain.

• To him everything was old, decaying, lifeless, dead.

• Finally in desperation the boy turned and said to his dad;

• “Dad, let’s go someplace where things are real!”

• God wants us as individuals and also our Churches;

• To be real, the genuine article.

• To help these Philippian Christians be real;

• Paul reminds them of Jesus Christ as his prototype.

(A). The example of Jesus (vs 1-11).

• Now these verses are a preachers, a theologians dream;

• They tell us so much concerning the unique person of Jesus.


• They talk about his deity (verse 6):

• He was and is God. The supreme being. The Almighty, creator of heaven & earth!


• They talk about his incarnation (verse 7):

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