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Summary: Part 3 of 4 Advent sermons focusing on the Four-fold Gospel (C&MA distinctives)

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Christ Our Healer


I. Why Do I Need a Healer?

A. A universal need

B. A result of the Fall

C. The existence of the medical profession

II. What Is God’s Plan to Meet My Need?

A. OT record

B. NT record

C. A prior question

III. How Do I Receive Christ as My Healer?

A. Through the Word

B. Through Christ Himself

C. Through the Church


I need to say at the onset of the sermon, that our topic this morning is one that I bring to you through much wrestling. If you have been here for the previous two sermons in this series, then you realize that the focus of this message is upon Christ our Healer.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Why was there such a struggle in preparing for this message? I can accept the fact that Christ is our Healer. I’ve seen and experienced His power to heal in my life and in the lives of others. I don’t get it—what’s the problem?” There are two primary reasons behind my struggles.

The first reason I found this subject to be difficult is not because of the theology, but because of the interpretive and practical ramifications associated with the subject of healing. I believe that the Bible clearly teaches that Christ is our Healer—that truth is difficult to deny. The problem lies in coming to a clear understanding of what that means in concrete terms. Christ is our Healer, but how do we personally, corporately and practically experience that healing in our lives and in our church?

The second reason I found this subject to be difficult is borne out my personal experience of Christ our Healer. My wife, Judy, can attest to the fact that we have seen many miraculous manifestations of Jesus’ healing power in our lives and in the lives of others—stuff that would cause your jaw to drop. And at the same time, we have prayed and put our faith and hope and trust in Him to be the Healer of Judy’s body for more than 13 years, but it hasn’t occurred yet. And I have to confess to God many times that I just don’t get it.

I’m living in the real world just like the rest of you. Life doesn’t always make sense or work out the way that I think it should. There are times of confusion and struggling that almost put me down for the “10 count.” When I find myself in the middle of the muddle, then I am faced with a choice: I have to choose between believing what I see, or holding fast to what He says is true. I choose to hold on.

At the risk of sounding wishy-washy (and to hopefully prevent being misquoted later), I want to make it perfectly clear that I’m going to present my interpretation of what Christ our Healer means. This is my understanding of what the scriptures teach on this matter as I have studied and prayed about the issue. You’re free to accept or reject what I present day, but you can only do so on the basis of having investigated the matter yourself. (And by “investigation,” I don’t mean that you’ve read or listened to what others have to say—rather you have searched the word of God and sought His face and come to your own conclusions based on what He has to say.) I am not trying to convince anyone of my position; on the contrary, I hope this sermon will prompt you to search out the truth for yourself.

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