Summary: Christ is King of everything that was, is or is to come. We need to live accordingly.

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Revelation 1: 4b – 8 Here He Comes

Intro: We’ve all this experience. We meet someone, perhaps at the mall while shopping, the face looks familiar; but, you can’t remember for the life of you who it is. --- Lady Diana Cooper, an elderly British socialite had just such an experience. She was attending an official reception when a friendly woman came up and greeted her. The woman seemed to know her well, so Lady Diana spoke warmly with her while trying to remember who she could be. Finally, Lady Diana’s attention was caught by the lady’s magnificent diamond jewelry. She suddenly realized she was talking to Queen Elizabeth. Over come with embarrassment, she curtsied and stammered, “Your Majesty, I’m sorry! I didn’t recognize you without your crown!” (from the sermon “The Son of May by K. Edward Skidmore –

I. Today is Christ the King Sunday, a day on which we are to recognize the Lordship and Kingship of Christ Jesus.

A. Christ the King Sunday was instituted by Pope Pius XI in 1925 to celebrate the kingship of Christ as a way of combating the destructive forces of his age.

B. Theologically, it is the end of the church year. For Christians, the year begins with the birth of Jesus, follows through his life to Easter and culminates with the recognition that Christ Jesus is King.

C. You might be surprised to know that for every prophecy in the Bible concerning the first coming of the Messiah there are 8 that look forward to the second coming. It has been estimated there are 1845 references to the second coming of the Messiah in the OT. In the NT one out of every 30 verses speaks of the Second Coming of the Messiah.

II. Who is this “Messiah” that came once and will come again? In verse 5 John give us three new titles for Messiah. These three titles give us insight into his nature just like the title King or Queen reveal the nature of the person to whom they are applied.

A. The first title is “FAITHFUL WITNESS” --- The Greek word used here is MARTUS, witness from which the word martyr is derived. The author adds to that noun the adjective FAITHFUL implying this is just any witness. – a witness is essentially a person who speaks from first-hand knowledge, who tells what they have seen or heard first-hand. JESUS IS UNIQUELY THE PERSON WITH FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE ABOUT GOD.

B. The second title is “FIRST-BORN OF THE DEAD” the Greek word used here is PROTOTOKOS (The first to die and be resurrected by God) – The first-born son inherited his father’s honor and power. --- ONE WHO OCCUPIES THE FIRST PLACE. (There is nothing in life or death over which Christ Jesus is not Lord.

C. The third title is “RULER OF THE KINGS OF THE EARTH,” There is no greater authority or no one with more power that Christ Jesus. A RULER is one to whom obedience and loyalty are expected. Even those who rule other people owe obedience and loyalty to Christ Jesus.

Conclu: The movie, Rudy, is based on a true story about Rudy Ruettiger whose all-consuming desire is to play football for the University of Notre Dame. Father Cavanaugh helps Rudy get accepted to Notre Dame as a transfer student. In one poignant scene Father Cavanaugh says to Rudy, “I’m only sure of two things: one is there is a God and the second is I’m not Him.” --- To realize there is a God and WE are not. Christ IS king . . . king from A to Z --- the Alpha and Omega --- over all that is and ever will be and that includes us. We cannot rule our own lives; but must surrender to the authority of Christ the King.

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