Summary: If you want to know how to be ready for Christ’s second coming turn to Jude 14-16.

Christ Will Return As Judge

Jude 14-16

PROPOSITION: Because Christ is coming as Judge, you must be ready!

I. Take heed – Believe Christ is coming again. v. 14

A. Ungodly teachers were prophesied. (14a)

1. God warned man through His messengers.

2. God continues to warn through His messengers.

B. Christ’s return was prophesied. (14b)

1. His return is certain.

2. His return will not be alone.

II. Take action – Rescue the perishing. v. 15

A. His purpose will be to separate the godly from the ungodly.

1. Christ sees all of us in our real condition.

2. Christ provides ample warning to us to repent.

B. His purpose will be to execute judgment on all the ungodly.

1. There will be no exceptions.

2. There evil will be judged.

III. Take inventory – Participate in regular self-evaluations. v. 16

A. The ungodly live for self-satisfaction.

1. They protest over their lot.

2. They persist in their lust.

B. The ungodly live for personal gain.

1. Their mouths are filled with vanity.

2. Their lives are filled with covetousness.

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