Summary: The loyal Christian, dedicated to the Heavenly Father must be an activist in the pluralistic global environment post 9/11.

Can Christianity survive the modern cultural attitudes? The loyal Christian, dedicated to the Heavenly Father must be an activist in the pluralistic global environment post 9/11. We've put up with a lot in the United States. Many decisions have been made, and many changes have occurred in recent years. How are Christians to respond to the new cultural attitudes of casual sex, the embracing of homosexuality, child extermination through abortion, and the growing authoritarian nature of the U.S. government?

Christianity is in trouble in the USA, and has crumbled in Europe over a short period of time. The American public seem poised to remap the moral framework from a Christian view to a sort of pluralistic view that quietly ejects Christianity and Judaism while embracing self deification and naturalism. The Judaeo-Christian worldview has been called into question and found incompatible with the new globalized framework.

We can see the problem. I don't need to expand upon the problem. What's the solution? Do we end up asking ourselves if Christianity can even have a seat at the table? Inevitably the question arises as to the role of the Christian in the political process.

It must be stated that when Jesus Christ came he did not concern himself with political process or the government of Rome. He was concerned with showing mercy to the poor and lost, and rebuking the self righteous religious types.

His stated purpose on Earth was to be offered up as a sacrifice for many. But in fair contrast God has quite often involved himself in political processes. He personally raised up the nation of Israel to be an example to the nations of the Earth. He very personally claimed the seat of king in the temple, and later set up a line that went from Solomon, David, and later to Jesus Christ himself.

Jesus Christ will be the literal political leader of the world one day in the future. What should we do until then? Jesus Christ said to his friends: Go and make disciples of all nations. I find it interesting that Jesus Christ said nations and not peoples. Or individuals. He said nations. We go into nations and Christianity changes nations. This is powerfully illustrated when comparing North Korea to South Korea. One has a democratic government, the other is a militarized dictatorship. And we hear about the atrocities of the dictatorship don't we?

Unfortunately Christianity has been tried in a manner where the religious leaders wield power and that has utterly failed to the shame of many in the history of Europe. The crimes of the papacy are well documented and those crimes continue at the Vatican to this very day. We don't want a government imposing religion. But we don't want a government devoid of religious reference either.

That lead to the great experiment, the United States of America. The political process made mention of a God, but did not name the God. This allowed various denominations and faiths to pour in meaning interchangeably. It left the freedom to choose a faith open. But now many in America want to tear that apart, and jetison that philosophy from the government. Some want to play god, and redefine truth. But I don't think that's the way.

Something special happened in 1776. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I do know that God was involved. He's involved in all of human history. Something special happened, something divine, that allowed for the United States of America to come together.

Can it really be our destiny to fall into moral decline? Can it really be our destiny to slink back in defeat as militant atheist groups sue and lobby all mention of God from the government? Will we really allow the metal beams in the shape of a cross to be removed from the 9/11 memorial? (Update: The case was defeated, and the cross beams were allowed to stand at the 9/11 memorial site). How sad a thought. How pathetic that we've let it get this far.

All of these words to say one thing: The Christian of today must be an activist.

Social and political activism is an excellent grassroots tool that many in politics have used to powerful effect. Gay rights activists have made strides forward in capturing the hearts and minds of the people with their misguided views. Libertarians have made a powerful impact on both political parties due to their political activism surrounding the "Ron Paul Revolution." Progressives also made good use of political activism during the "Occupy Wallstreet" protests across the country in 2010-2011. I believe Christians can help reclaim the United States by becoming social and political activists.

Isaiah 1:17 (NIV) Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.

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