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Summary: Running a business does not mean an absolute guarantee of success, because there are many factors in life which cannot always be anticipated, such as for example war, fire, floods, etc. A business is a great responsibility. It requires a lot of effort, ma

Christian Business And Ethics

Luke 19:12 -13 - Therefore He said: "A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return. So he called ten of his servants, delivered to them ten minas and said to them, 'Do business till I come."

Isaiah 48:17 - Thus says the LORD, your Redeemer and The Holy One of Israel: "I am the LORD your God, Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you by the way you should go.

Psalm 35:27 - Let the LORD be magnified, Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.


Running a business does not mean an absolute guarantee of success, because there are many factors in life which cannot always be anticipated, such as for example war, fire, floods, etc. A business is a great responsibility. It requires a lot of effort, management, and time. A successful business does not happen by accident, but rather by the concerted effort and skills of its owners, managers, and employees.

All aspects of any business organization and individual employment should be governed by integrity and honesty.

God has built moral laws into the world and these moral laws are just as real and powerful as any of the other laws God has placed within the universe.

These moral laws operate just as reliably as all the other spiritual and natural laws and no person is immune from their effects. Applying these laws leads to success and ignoring or rejecting them leads to failure.

Another aspect of the moral law of God is that it is universal. It works for all people, for all cultures, and at all times. It was given to man for a framework in which to live successfully.

It must also be noted that business is a major social institution. Society will reward companies that keep promises and are honest, but will punish enterprises that regularly miss deadlines, produce substandard products, and are unethical in dealing with their customers.

There is no force to keep leaders ethical. Doing the right thing ethically may not be in the best interest of an individual or an organization.

Unfortunately, even those who profess to accept a certain ethic are frequently unwilling to pay the price. The temptation for material gain can outweigh all of these motivations for integrity. It seems that the current worldview deems that the only wrong thing about shady business dealings and immoral workplace ethics is in being exposed.

Employees are under constant pressure from employers to ensure that the organization achieves maximum profitability. They require that everything possible must be done to enhance this objective. This may mean applying unethical methods to gain an unfair advantage over other competitors.

Most secular business owners are not interested in the personal moral values of their employees and feel that they have no right to interject personal values into corporate matters.

Good workplace ethics is an extension of the personal standards inherent in the people who make up the workplace.

Companies can enhance their image and performance by investing into employee development through ethical training.

Honesty is not subject to criticism in any culture. Business ethics are essential in guiding employees and managers in their actions. Most often people exhibit character, integrity, loyalty, respect, and ethics as a matter of personal practice.

Businesses should take every opportunity to implement ethical practices and to introduce incentives for those who have a good work ethic. Employees who are corrupt destroy the profitability of any business. Business entrepreneurs who are dishonest can ruin the reputation of the business thus reducing its viability and effectiveness.

The value of the products and services a company offers says more to the public about the real character of the company and its people than perhaps any other aspect of the company’s profile.

Repeat business comes with trust which is won by quality products at fair prices. A business cannot run indefinitely if it is based on corrupt practices.


Psalm 14:3 - They have all turned aside, they have together become corrupt; There is none who does good, No, not one.

Leviticus 19:35-36 - You shall do no injustice in judgment, in measurement of length, weight or volume. You shall have honest scales, honest weights, an honest ephah and an honest hin: I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt.

It is hard to understand how saved individuals can end up involved in corruption. Although many cases of corruption involve behavior that anyone should know is wrong, it’s not always so clear cut.

Circumstances like group pressures, organizational structures, fear, and temptation can contribute to a person lowering their standards. Perhaps an individual also wants to avoid conflict. Understandably, being a whistleblower can ruin a person’s career. This causes many people to keep quiet.

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