Summary: Boaz showed class in many different ways as did our Lord.

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Christian Class

I.Introduction: Boaz a man of class

A. Ruth 2: 4

1.There is something special about a rich man that can also relate to the poor. There is something about a poor man that can relate to the rich and not be openly or secretly critical or jealous.

2.It is great to have a cheerful relationship with employees/bosses.

3.Employees can show as much class as a boss can.

4.Paul addresses the relationship in Col. 3: 22-24.

B. Ruth 2: 15-16

1.Leaving the corners and not picking up what was dropped was a commandment of God. (Lev. 19: 9-10)

a. Ruth was aware of this. (Ruth 2: 2)

b. Scripture indicates that Naomi and Ruth had very little.

c. Ruth’s reputation preceded her to the fields. (vs. 11)

d. Nationality/poverty did not deter Boaz from helping Ruth.(vs.14)

2.Boaz went the second mile

a.He tells the reapers to be sure and leave extra.

b.He tells them not to embarrass her. He does this again in chapter 3: 14 when he tells her to leave the thrashing floor before anyone could see/recognize her, even though they had done nothing wrong. He protected her reputation and strove to avoid an

appearance of evil. (I Thess. 5: 22)

c.Have you ever had a Boaz in your life?

C. We need to be careful that we are not blind to the class of others because they have family members who are not.

1.Remember who Boaz’s mother was? Rahab the Harlot.

2.Classiness is not determined by where you came from. I.e. Ruth

3.Just because a person attends a certain religious group we mustn’t assume they believe like their co worshippers.

II. Body

A.What is class? What is a classy person?

1.Elegance in behavior, appearance, and lifestyle.

2.Admirable skill or excellence in performance.

3.What behavior exemplifies Christian class?


b.Humility – class knows where all things come from.

c.Genuineness – most can’t get past the façade once they know it’s there. “ He/She is such a faker.”

d.Remaining unshaken in the face of ridicule and mockery.


1.Able to let others be right sometime (Rom. 14: 22)

2.Know when to pursue differences and knowing when to live to fight another day.

f.An ability to differ without confrontation

g.Jesus in the temple; he had ability to confront with force when necessary. He wasn’t worried about being politically correct.

4.Are we born with or without it?

a.I think it’s something that we cultivate.

b.Some personalities require more cultivation than others.

B. Was Jesus classy? Of course He was.

1.Before we answer, it is important that we remember that class is not synonymous with looks and money. Jesus was classy but…

a.Isa. 53: 2

b.Mt. 8: 20

2.How was He? He allowed others to keep their dignity even in His perfect presence. Everyone and everything that Jesus came in contact with was inferior to Him.

a.Woman taken in adultery. (Jo. 8: 1-11)

1.I wonder what Jesus wrote that He would not say.

2.Jesus did not condemn He forgave.

3.John 3: 17

b.The man with the demonic son. (Mk. 9: 14-29)

1.Jesus did not exploit his weakness. “…help thou mine unbelief.” Look at that sniveling weakling!

2.Notice Jesus rebuked the scribes but not the disciples.

c.The Canaanite woman with a demonic daughter.

(Mt. 15: 21-28) She isn’t one of us; she doesn’t deserve help!

1.At first sight, Jesus seems arrogant but he is making a point.

2.This outsider had more faith than most Jews.

d.Jesus didn’t tell Peter, “I told you so,” when he betrayed Jesus.

3.Notice how He handled the situation when He turned the water into wine. (Jo. 2: 1-10)

4.Did he lose class when He cleansed the temple or rebuked the Scribes and the Pharisees?

III. Conclusion

A. So what can I take home from this?

1.We are all drawn to the classy person because there is a mystical magnetism about them.

a.Deep down we all would like to be like that person.

b.Jesus drew people to Himself, even little children.

c.We don’t draw near to wasps, snakes, etc. and we as Christians can become as one of these.

2.We need to be the kind of people that people want to imitate.

3.Classy is not a look or a style; it is a way of life.

a.Paul said, “Be ye imitators of me, as I am of Christ.”

b.We need to analyze our actions and reactions to certain situations from time to time and see if we are acting/reacting in a manner that is a testimony in itself.

4. God doesn’t need Bible thugs, He desires the classy Christian who strives to be a living example and a working servant.

B. It is imperative that we be able to communicate on every level as with meekness, humility and a genuine love for the lost.

1.Pride goeth before destruction. Prov. 16: 18

2.I Cor. 10: 13

3.Rom. 15: 1-3

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