Summary: The most important mark of a disciple that Christ demanded from His followers was not consistency but continuty.

Introduction: Believers have a lot in common with a beach ball. We can be colorful at sometimes, we can be sometimes hard to get a hold of. But the most significant thing we believers have in common with a beach ball is boyancy. The ability to rise up a continue on top.

What are some of the ways this spiritual boyancy (continuity) expreses it’s self?

I. Christian Continuity: The Expressions

Notice the key word "abide" or "continue" in these passages.

A. Expression #1: Spiritual Longevity, 1 John 2:19,24,28.

Our spiritual longevity finds it’s greatest expresssion in the enjoyment of fellowship.

B. Expression #2: Spiritual Mastery, John 8:31-32.

Our spiritual mastery finds it’s greatest expression in the enjoyment of freedom from sin.

C. Expression #3: Spiritual Productivity, John 15:1-11. Key Verse 4.

Our spiritual productivity finds it’s greatest expression in our enjoying fruitfulness.

D. Expression #4: Spiritual Intimacy, John 15:12-17.

Key Verse 15.

Our spiritual intimacy finds it’s greatest expression in our enjoying friendship with God.

Christian continuity finds it’s greatest expression in our spiritual longevity, mastery, productivity, and intimacy. These marks are not only expressions of the abiding Christian but also of what we enjoy in Him. The abiding Cnristian enjoys sweet fellowship, souls freedom from sin, significant fruitfulness, and spiritual friendship with God.

II. Christian Continuity: The Enemy

A. The World’s Hatred, John 15:18-25. Key Verse 18.

1. Conditioned on our bold and unashamed allegiance to abide in Christ no matter what.

B. Our Worthy Help. Coming to us in two forms:

1. Our Comforter- John 15:26-28.

2. Our Choosing- John 15:16.

The world is no match for the Christian who abides in Christ. The doctrinal and theological under-pinnings to the Christian’s ability to continue to resurface in a world hostile to Christian ethics is our election. God choose you to continue no matter what!

Conclusion:Christian continuity is no another mystical exercise to deepen your spiritual walk. Christian continuity is the enjoyment expressed in the lives of God’s elect.

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