Summary: Christian Fellowship is the time believers gather to worship God at a given place. Many Christians don’t know why they have to gather at a place.This article is going to teach you all about christian fellowship

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I. Why should you attend church service?

A. Because God commanded it - Heb.10:25

B. The apostles practiced it - Acts.2:42

C. In Christian fellowship, God promised His presence to abide with His children- Matt.18:20

D. Those who refused to gather will not receive the blessings of God - Ps.133:3

II. Who should attend Church Service?

A. Unbelievers for the salvation of their souls - 1Cor.14:20-25

B. Christians, to worship God, serve one another and to be blessed by the lord Himself Ps 29:2

C. The needy, so that the lord will touch their lives James 5:14

III. Attitudes during Church Service

A. You must come with the purpose to worship God - 2Chro.20:21-22

B. You must come because of God not man 1Cor3:4-5

C. You must come prepared from home:

1. Prepare your offering and Tithe 1Cor.16:1-2

2. Prepare your mind to receive from God; you must be expectant- Mark.5:27-29

3. Prepare to change your character when convicted through the preaching of the word- 1Cor.14:20-25

4. Prepare to work for God, with your gifts -1Cor.12:7

5. Prepare by dressing as someone going to the house of God and not a club -1Tim. 2:9

IV. Blessings Of Christian Fellowship

A. You will be saved when the Holy Spirit convicts you of your sins- Acts 2:37-41

B. You will grow a matured Christian prepared for the coming of the lord – Eph.4:12-14

C. The blessings of the lord will be yours Ps. 133:3

D. The church will be edified, and members will added to the church-Acts 2:47

Don’t forsake the gathering of believers anymore if you want to grow and receive the blessings of God

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