Summary: 1 of 4. Peter confirmed the importance of Christian submission to secular governance. Christian submission is indissolubly linked/tied to secular governance. But how or in what way? Christian governance & Government addresses...

‘For The LORD’S SAKE’—1Peter 2:13—3:12


So far in our study of 1Peter we have examined the fact that

Christians are...CONSIDERED ALIEN(1:1-2)...

We’ve examined...WHAT’s So GREAT About GOD—(1:3-12)

Discovered God’s means of...UNLEASHING Your SPIRITUAL VITALITY/Vigor—(1:13-21)

And we’ve found the importance of LOVING THE BRETHREN(1:22—2:12).

Now we are going to see how those truths play into the overall scheme of SUBMISSION...the give-&-take of relationships in our world.

And particularly, the role Submission plays in the Christian’s relationship with government(2:13-17).


Government Workaholic?

A Federal Government Employee sits in his office & out of boredom, decides to see what's in his old filing cabinet. He pokes through the contents & comes across an old brass lamp. "This would look nice on my mantelpiece," he thinks, so he takes it home with him.

While polishing the lamp, a genie appears & grants him three wishes.

"I wish for an ice cold Pepsi cola right now!"


A icy-cold Pepsi appears before him on his desk, so he picks it up & guzzles it all at once.

Now that he knows this genie thing is real, he can think more seriously. So he states his second wish. "I wish to be on a tropical island with my wife & kids surrounded by beautiful blue ocean waters, white sand beaches & a hammock under palm trees that swaying in the breeze"


Suddenly he is on the tropical island he just described, with his family.

He describes his first 2 wishes to the family & tells them that he only has one more.

They all decide that they want to remain on the island together but Dad having to work, would have to leave. So they get Dad to ask the genie for his last wish.

Dad says excitedly, "I wish I'd never have to work ever again."


He's back in his government office.

Typical government slacker right?!...

Americans have a love-hate relationship with government....

We typically assume that any government work is easy, pointless, & largely ineffective. We assume that all government work hindered by layer upon layer of what we call ‘red tape,’ or cumbersome, self-contradictory, & burdensome laws, intent on making citizen’s lives more miserable.

Government in general & it’s Governance has a bad reputation. It is the topic of heated conversations & the brunt of many a joke in the barbershop, the fellowship hall, on the job site, & at the supper table.

Peter pressed the importance of Christian submission to secular governance.

Peter expected the submission of Christians to secular governance.

Christian submission is indissolubly linked/tied to secular governance.

How do Christians properly relate to secular governance & vice-versa?

How is Christian governance linked/tied to secular governance?

In What ways is Christian governance linked/tied to secular governance?

6 undertakings/confrontations/Facets of Christian governance & Government.

1— Christian governance & Government addresses...


Explanation:(:13a-c)Fall in line

2:13a—“Therefore submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake, whether to the king as supreme,”

“Therefore submit yourselves...”

Peter uses this background concept of ‘Submission’ to show that it manifests itself in various avenues of Christian living, described from 2:13--3:12.

Seeing as how Christian conduct is to be in harmony with being for the sake of others, we must “submit” ourselves to the “ordinances” of man. God does not intend for us to live aside from proper governance.

Our “submission” “to every ordinance of man” is to be done “for the Lord’s sake.”

Rom. 13:1, 5—“Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, & the authorities that exist are appointed by God.”.....“Therefore you must be subject, not only because of wrath but also for conscience’ sake.”

Christians are “not ultimately under human authority,” yet God is the originator of government & particularly, of good government. “To that end Christians will obey all laws & respect all authority, unless called upon to do something God forbids or not do something He commands.”—MNTC

“Although Peter & Paul both lived in the openly sinful, decadent Roman Empire—a society infamous for evil(homosexuality, infanticide, government corruption, abuse of women, immorality, violence), neither apostle offered any exemption by which believers were free to defy civil authority.”—MNTC

Given that Rome was steeped in the self-indulgence of hedonism, ...We Americans find that our society holds dear the same things as did the ancient Romans, rife with the same ancient maladies! We just use electronic technologies to encourage & accomplish it more quickly & throughly.

This is not a monolithic command to obey any & all governmental authorities; for some governments are utterly corrupt & do not seek the common good, giving evil free reign. It would be ludicrous to think that God would ordain obedience to that sort of governmental regime.

“We do not submit because we necessarily agree. We do not submit because deep within we support all the rules, codes, & regulations.”—Dennis Davidson in sermon--‘Respect Civil Authority.’ We submit thru the power of the Holy Spirit in deference to God’s design for order.

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