Summary: This is an exposition of Philippian 4.10-14.

Christian Responsibility

Text: Phil 4.10-14.


1. God expects us to serve. Sometimes instead of praying we should be working and sometimes instead of working we should be praying. Wisdom is that quality that helps us know the difference.

2. Read text.

3. In this text there are 3 Christian Responsibilities: Charity, Contentment, Confidence.

I. Charity – v.10, 14

A. Material and Spiritual

B. Take advantage of Opportunities..

C. The Recipient of Charity is blessed but also

the Giver!

D. Just make sure you are helping when you

offer help.

II. Contentment – vv. 11-12

A. If you are not content with what you have,

you will never be content.

B. If you are not content with what you have

you will never be charitable.

C. Contentment is learned by experience.

III. Confidence – v. 13

A. “All” things?

B. No, All God placed on him, Paul could do.

C. God will never ask us to do anything that He

will not empower us to accomplish.


We must be confident but guard against self-confidence or over-confidence.


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