Summary: - Even though we are born again in Christ, we are not removed from our human nature. - As Christians we are continually in the process of sanctification, the “work of God,” which we are to participate in. - Those Peter writes to us that we are to be

I. The Eight Virtues (vv. 5-7)

A. Faith

i. It is by faith alone that we are saved through grace, but this saving grace doesn’t continue on by itself.

ii. Peter calls for us all to add to our faith, which in NT times meant to add the richness of God to your life.

B. Goodness

i. This is an attribute of Christ himself, and should be sought out by us also

ii. Goodness, means to master the field you are in or to obtain excellence of achievement.

C. Knowledge

i. Once added to faith, knowledge allows us to go further into the will of God

ii. Without knowledge, we are easy prey for the false teachers, just as the Christians at the time were being led astray by the Gnostics.

iii. If we don’t know the Word of God ourselves, how can we expect to stand firm against the attacks that come our way.

D. Self Control

i. One of the fruits of the spirit. (Galatians 5:23)

ii. If we are unable to control ourselves during the temptations of time we will be easily tossed around

iii. Paul in his letter to the Romans, said that we must separate ourselves from the deeds of the flesh.

E. Perseverance (Patience)

i. This is the ability to continue in faith and resist the pressures of the world.

ii. It is the trials of life that bring fruit to our faith

F. Godliness

i. We should have pure devotion to God

ii. We should acknowledge God in all aspects of our life

1. God does not want to be just a part time savior

G. Kindness & Love

i. As our knowledge of God grows, our kindness and love for our fellow brothers and sisters should grow.

ii. Peter speaks of Agape love, unconditional and never ending.

iii. As God loved us enough to give us His son to wash away our sins, we should show that same kind of love, by sharing the Word of God with all those around us.

iv. We should not be the source of conflict

II. Results of Christian virtues

A. Without Virtues (v. 9)

i. You will be blinded to the truth and led astray easily by Satan

ii. You will forget how God has purified you from your sins

B. With Virtues (v. 8, 10)

i. Fruitful

ii. Useful to God

iii. Knowledgeable of the Word of God

iv. You will not stumble

III. Responsibility Christians Virtues (vv. 11-15)

A. Be diligent in our calling

B. Ready to hold one another accountable

i. We have all been established in the Word of God, but we all need to grow.

C. Motivate one another (v. 13)

D. Be diligent in our work

i. We do not know when the Lord will return

ii. We need to stay busy and ready


As we surrender our lives to God on a daily basis we must remind ourselves of the walk that God has called us to take. If we truly love God and He is the center of our life, we will always strive to become more and more like him.

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