Summary: Christians are to live for the Lord by belonging to the Lord and each other and by accepting each other and appreciating them by not being judgmental or argumentative.

Last week we noted from the end of Romans 13 that Christians are to live at the right time and the right place. If Christians do not grasp the truth that Jesus Christ can return to earth at any time, they will not have the right motive or the right power to live! When we get up in the morning, we should tell ourselves, “The Lord Jesus can come for me today!” Christians are to know what time it is according to God’s clock. (let’s say this together….)

Today from Romans 14, we will note, for what are Christians to live for till Jesus comes back to earth. God calls and provides for Christians to live in the right time, with the right motive, and with the right focus. Please open your Bibles to Romans 14. As Tom Corona comes forward to read for us this morning, let us pray our commitment to God’s Word…… Romans 14.......

The overarching truth to the instructions given in Romans 14 is for Christians to live for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The first part of v8 tells us……….. v10c……..

All Christians will face Jesus Christ as they enter heaven and God will review their life for Christ. Believers of Christ will enter heaven but their rewards are dependent on their Christian lives on earth. Yes, as Christians all our sins are forgiven; but let us all note this, God does not remember our sins before we became Christians, but Jesus will review with us our Christian lives not to punish us but to reward us! Christians are called to live for Jesus Christ as they eagerly wait for His return to earth! All Christians, not just those called to ministry, but all Christians are to live for the Lord Jesus Christ! How do we do it?

The first thing we are to note from v1 is that if we are Christians, we must accept every other Christian as brothers and sisters in Christ. The end of v8 tells us that all Christians belong to the Lord; therefore Christians belong to one another! Go back to Rom 12:5…

Christians belong to one another and we need each other! Christians better accept one another. Maybe this picture will help: This is 1 poisonous snake surrounded by about 20 mongoose who eat snakes. Who do you feel sorry for?

There is strength in numbers! Now, what’s the percentage of evangelical Christians in the world?? – only about 4%! For every 100 people in the world, evangelical Christians are outnumbered 96 to 4! In America there are about 26% evangelical Christians; for every 10 people in America, only 2-3 are evangelical Christians!

But here’s a more interesting number: Only 9% in America attend an evangelical Christian church! There are many Christians who don’t go to church! If Christians are to accept one another, we are to gather together and appreciate one another! Are you totally committed to a biblical church or are you leaving your brothers and sisters in Christ fighting for themselves? Of course to many of you, I am preaching to the choir. But if we really profess to be Christians, church is the one place where we always want to be!

Now of course if we are to accept Christians as brothers and sisters, we should know who the Christians are. How do we know who’s a Christian? Our passage helps us. The 3rd part of Romans 14:3 tells us that Christians are accepted by God. Turn back briefly to Romans 1:16-17…..

Those who believe in the gospel of Christ are given righteousness, and so accepted by God.

Let’s go back to Romans 14. Verse 9 tells us that Christians believe that Jesus died but rose from the dead. And v23 tells us that Christians lives by faith in Jesus Christ.

We are to know who the other Christians are and we are to accept them by gathering with them and appreciating them. And how do we appreciate each other? We are to be careful in being judgmental or argumentative with other Christians! You see, if we Christians belong to one another and we need each other, should we be shooting each other down? Is it really a smart thing to shoot your own foot or cut your own hand or blind your own eye? Why would we do something like that in the church, the Body of Christ, who is us Christians? When we are dealing with each other, unless it is against what the Bible says, accept what the other Christian says or does.

You’ve heard the saying “The Bible has all the answers!”

You probably heard it from me!

But here are a couple of questions that you will not find an answer in the Bible: Who will win the Super Bowl in January? Which tastes better “Pepsi” or “Coke”? Which computer, a PC or a Mac? How many million people will go to McDonalds today?

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