Summary: In the Dog eat Dog world of today’s corporates, can Christians be true witnesses?

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Christians in the Market Place

The corporate world is a dog eat dog world. There is severe competition, there is lack of values all around. There is corruption in many places. I do not want to start off in a negative tone. Some of us have the blessing of working in corporates which go by values, and some of us are not in that position.

Is it possible for Christians to excel at work place under these conditions? Can we live our faith at the workplace and still excel? Can we effectively witness at our working places?. Should we separate our work life and faith life? These questions haunt believers in the workplace today, more than ever.

Let me try and bring out just three key points on this topic

1. God expects us to excel in the market place.

We serve an excellent God !! I am sure no one on this call has any doubt on that fact. And God created us in His image. No one doubts that too. We have been asked to be Imitators of God.. So the hard question that all of us need to ask is how often do we reflect that excellence in what we do? How often can we look at our handiworks, our results and say “it is good”? If some one tells me this, I am sure I will start rationalizing. Hey..God did not have time constraints, God did not have Quarter end targets, God did not have budget controls, God did not have a boss breathing down his neck.. God did not have unbelieving colleagues to compete using unethical means… Well some of them are true, some of them are not. However the question is not that. The fact is that God did not want us to excel in ideal situations and in “Christian surroundings”. The New Testament has ample instructions for us to be convinced about this. 1 Peter 2:12 is the most explicit one. Live such good lives amongst the pagans so that they may see your good deeds and glorify God…” Note that even when Jesus prayed for the disciples (John Ch 17) , He did not pray that they be taken away from the world, but to keep them in the world and keep them safe from the evil one.

God also did not promise us that he will help us change the laws of this world. Actually the reality is quite different, the laws of the secular world will continue to be secular. All of us know the story of Daniel and the three friends, When Daniel was offered food from the King’s table, Daniel did not try to change the rule, he asked the guard, what the objective was, and assured the guard that the objective will be met with vegetables and water, and the objective sure was met, and they were healthier than the others who ate the Royal food. Daniel did not try to “convert” the guard , but collaborated with the guard to meet the objective set by the king.

2. God has SHAPEd us for excellence and workplace ministry

Rick Warren, the well known author of books like “Purpose driven Life” and “Purpose driven Church” came up with this acronym for SHAPE, Spiritual Gifts, Heart or passion, Abilities, Personality and Experiences. Rick warren used this in the context of Leadership and I would like to borrow that for excellence at workplace. I am convinced that God has given us all the ingredients of SHAPE for excelling at workplace. How do I say this?

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