Summary: An All Age Christmas Service talk covering the A-Z of Christmas. A- S are covered in the worship and songs and then this talk covers T-Z. Email me for the order of service, PPT & full talk with formatting

Ewen’s talk for Christmas A-Z All Age Worship. 11 Dec 2005 am

PPT as Ewen walks up- reveals Christmas A-Z

T- is not for trouble!

You see- this is not just a nice story! (PPT takes you to Nativity page) This is what T is for:


Some people think this is too good a story to be true

- why should that be so? Not true, just because it’s good!

Some think it’s simply a myth… story. A fake one

Christmas shopping, though fun, can be difficult. Did you hear about the guy that bought his wife a beautiful diamond ring for Christmas? A friend of his said, "I thought she wanted one of those sporty 4-Wheel drive vehicles." "She did," he replied. "But where am I gonna find a fake Jeep?"

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But this is HISTORY! This is the biggest event ever in history. Nothing fake about it. This has changed the world and the lives of millions of millions of people!

God was born as a baby for YOU (PPT)


And here’s why. This is what the next letter is about

V- IS FOR VALUABLE (PPT) (pause, Ewen)

The most valuable being (PPT) in all eternity came down to earth

……. and was born as a baby because you (PPT) are so precious and valuable to Him

It has been said that you matter so much to God that if you were the only person in the world, He would have come for just YOU. The King of heaven for the smallest person on earth.

So- because of this little baby… we can have confidence that


Today… always….because Jesus is Immanuel (PPT)

- = God with us

- Just like the banner

So, W is "with us"

What about the next letter. What about X? (PPT)

"X Marks the spot!" or Xmas, you say! Well, almost! X-mas, nowadays is the way some people

- avoid Jesus

- avoid Christmas being about Jesus

But originally X was an abbreviation… short-hand for Jesus … MEANT Jesus… because X is the first letter of the Greek word Christ! So Xmas WAS ChristMAS


So- X is for Christ. But what does that mean?

Christ means Messiah, Anointed One… the One who the Jews were waiting for to come and save them. The One the whole of the OT looks forward to.

But what DID He save them from? The things they had done wrong. Their sin.

(PPT- brings up gift page) But here’s the next letter….


Because God did all this for you but you have to make it YOURS

- have to invite Jesus into your heart to make it yours

- have to take God’s gift of Jesus for YOURSELF

o (young ones- that means you need to accept Jesus for yourself. Your parents can’t do it for you. Just like they can’t unwrap YOUR presents for you. You must do it)

would you like to do that, today? Invite Jesus into your heart to live there and be your best friend?

- then pray with me

"Dear Lord Jesus. Thank you that you love me and came to earth for me. I want you to live inside me and be my friend and master forever. I want you to wash away all the things I have done wrong, and to change me. Please come into my heart TODAY. Amen!"

Now- what about Z!? What do you think that is for (PPT- Z is for???)

- …. Suggestions?

Z is for ZING! (PPT) ’Coz that’s what we are going to do, now. Zing God’s praises! Joy to the world!

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