Summary: Christmas is doing a little extra for someone!!! But then God did a little extra!

Christmas celebrates the awesome and amazing fact that is grander, wiser and more mysterious than we could have ever imagine. That is why the church (believers) must keep telling the Christmas story, singing the Christmas songs, and living the Christmas spirit. Because it’s the hope and the message of Christmas that helps you to stay glued together when life is falling a part, when it seems that the fabric of life is unraveling or has become frayed, it’s the depth of the meaning and mystery of Christmas that keeps the garments of our lives from being ruined. The amazing and awesomeness of Christmas has nothing to do with the “season”, but every thing to do with a Savior.

It’s the power and the person behind Christmas that meets us when we are bruised, broken, battered, burdened, and bewildered that makes Christmas and the other 11 months real to us. It’s the message and hope of Christmas that keeps you anchored and stable when the things are often unstable, shaky and crumbling all around you

The world spends a lot of time preparing for an observance (and I am pretty sure that some Christians get caught up in that as well, it’s hard not to). But Christmas is more than an observance, it’s an experience. It’s an experience of knowing that the Christ child that was born in Bethlehem has come to be born in you and me, and now your heart (and mine) has become a spiritual Bethlehem and He lives, abides in you (us) and with you (us).

And so for the believer and the church, all the Christmas presents in the world (regardless of whom they came from, how much they cost, how big or small the wrappings), all the presents are worth nothing without the presence of Christ.

There are multiple and meaningful definitions of Christmas, but I ran across this one. It’s applicable with more of a secular meaning, but as I thought about it, it has deep spiritual application as well.

Christmas is doing a little extra for someone!!!!

In that secular application, Christmas may mean going a step beyond what I would do, it means perhaps extending myself more than I would normally!

Christmas is doing a little extra for someone!!!

That is exactly what God did for mankind! He had given us a world in creation; He had given life to Adam and Eve. He created a garden for man to live, and placed a sun in the sky for daylight, and a moon and stars for the night. He had given Israel a name to be His people, a nation that stood above other nations, Kings to rule them, Prophets to teach and guide them in God’s ways, commandments for them to obey, Priests that interceded for them in special ways, miracles that affirm Him and bless them.

But then God did a little extra!

God went beyond what He had already done! He gave us an event in time and history that we call Christmas! He did something extra! He did more than He had done!

He gave more than He had ever given! That is Christmas!!

Christmas is doing a little extra for someone! God did something for all, not just for someone, but for anyone!!!!

And so our text again today declares in my opinion Christ the Greatest Gift!

For God so loved the word, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, shall not perish, but shall have everlasting life.

So I want to place at the entrance of your heart and mind why I believe that Christ is the Greatest Gift! And I hope that in days to come, it will speak to you and that you might have a chance to speak to others about this gift!

I. Christ is the Greatest Gift Because: It’s a Global Gift!

For God so loved the world:

It was not a gift just given to Mary and Joseph (Jews), not a gift just given to that region of the world, not just to Jerusalem, Galilee, Judea, and the surrounding communities (Middle East). Christ is global! While I am preaching in Michigan now, someone in Mississippi, Minnesota, Missouri, and Massachusetts is also preaching about Him. While I am preaching about Him in the United States, someone in another part of the world is preaching about Him.

 It’s a gift that Reaches you wherever you are!

Listen, you are not here today because you have lived the model life. You are not here today because you have demonstrated flawless and faithful behavior in every aspect of your life. You are here because the love of God reached you wherever you were or had been.

 Tell the story of Charles Spurgeon on the roof top of a barn with a friend. (Spurgeon was recognized as one of the great preachers of his era. Ten thousand came to here him each week as he serveed as pastor of that great place of worship in England Metropolitan Tabernacle)!

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