Summary: Christmas must be our happiest time of the year. One 8 yr. old asked me, "Do you know which Reindeer has the cleanest antlers, Comet!" Kids and Christmas do go together, But, that’s not all, let’s see why!


Christmas and Kids. They do go together don’t they. Just the other day, one of our 8 yr olds at Church came up and boldly asked, "Do you now which Reindeer has the cleanest antlers, Comet!"

We all look forward to this time of the year. However, it can be one of the most stressful & distressful times of the year as well.

Regardless though, Christmas is special. Why you ask? Let’s examine it together!

Main Division

I. The Christmas Story Begins With Good Tidings From God To Mankind (1-10)

II. The Christmas Story Is Filled With Thanksgiving and Worship (11-14)

III. The Christmas Story Is A Classic Example Of God’s Timing (15)

IV. The Christmas Story Is The Beginning Of The New Testament (15-20)

Conclusion: Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

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