Summary: No room in the inn? This is a short lesson. Often we can miss what Christmas is really about. A little bird taught me a great lesson.

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My Mom’s present?


Luke 2:7 And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

Let us remember the little birds... NO ROOM IN THE INN? There was a little bird that came and lived at my house a few weeks. He and I became friends. I felt so sorry for that little bird. He seemed happy to jump around on the ground. He could no longer fly, but he could still sing. Could I ever be happy jumping on the ground? I think I am supposed to fly?

A mean cat visits sometimes and eats some of the birds that are welcomed at my bird feeders. This bird was so little. He had lost his flying ability. He could not reach the feeders. He just looked up to me when I was outside. I talked to him one day and I told the little bird he was always welcome at my house and I would try to help him.

I placed feed down on the corner of the patio and he found it. One day I was outside and I felt the bird hopping around and he seemed to say: He was thirsty, I said, Buddy I never thought about that. I placed water down on the ground level. Daily I gave him special food and water. I hoped he would fly again.

He seemed to enjoy it so much. We became friends. I even prayed he would again fly, but God didn’t honor that request. There was a greater lesson than being happy flying, there was a lesson about being imprisoned by circumstances and still singing.

We became friends and I would talk to him and tell him he was always welcome here. I told him how special I thought he was. I also told him to watch out for the mean cat that came from time to time. He became friendly with me and would allow me nearer and nearer. I guarded not to place fear in him..

One day we came home and Linda said: Your little friend has passed away. His body is laying near your spot? I picked him up and carried him to the edge of the field, and I thanked God for letting me feed this little bird in his last days.

I thought how many small people just need a dear friend to do a little extra. Give some time? Show some love? Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008 my 91 year old friend --- Herman that helps me play music at the rest home had a bad day... 3 years ago, Dec 18, 2005 his wife of 69 years passed away. I remember as Dec.19th is my birthday and their anniversary. The day she died, the next day they would have been married 69 years. I remembered the day, I seemed in prayer to see Herman’s pain, I called him and asked how he was doing. He was so down I could tell over the phone.

Herman was down and had not been eating for several days thinking of home and his wife, he married her in 1934... he didn’t feel like playing music at the rest home. I said Herman, I am coming after rest home and we are going out to eat at his choice place...

We finished rest home, I invited my helpers: Clinton and Sam (A/G) pastor and we went to Herman’s house and he got in my van and we started crying. The day seemed so heavy to me. I had no words to say: I just started praying, all 4 of us were crying and praying.

God helped us touch a bird named Herman--- He sent my way. God helped me touch Herman. God sent him my way to love. I met Herman 5 years ago when they put his wife in the rest home. They had no kids. I would watch Herman hold his wife’s hand. She was now blind and deaf. He visited her daily. I think she knew it was her man. Their last few years found her in the rest home and he at home. The silver cord of life was slowly being cut.

Herman, Clinton, Sam and I went to a little run down greasy spoon to eat, Herman’s pick, this was their eating place. We sat and talked with a little hero. Herman served in Korea and is a good man. Herman was an army government specialist. He told about the long ride home after his duty. The storm with 100 mph winds rocked their ship and Herman thought he would die at sea. He told about meeting one of my guitar heros, Mel Travis at WCKY in Cincinnati, Ohio. We just listened to a little bird sing his song. As we left we all hugged --- a long dwelling hug. Herman has served the Lord many, many years.

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