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Summary: This sermon is in a Christmas series

The Christmas Spirit

This morning I want to ask you two questions; First What is the Christmas Spirit? And second do you have it?

As together we explore this question, listen to this story entitled the “Christmas Spirit.

“Pardon me, Sir, I’m a stranger in town. I thought you might be able to tell me what’s going on.”

“Sure, anything. Glad to help. Now, what do you mean, what’s going on?” “Oh, I get it you are stranger! A foreigner on American soil. Well, stranger, this is what we call the Christmas season. All of those decorations that you see are there to help us get the Christmas Spirit. And all the people that you see are doing their Christmas shopping.

“Christmas shopping, you say? Do people shop more at Christmas than at other times? And what is this Christmas spirit? And is this Christmas Spirit a good thing all The people I see look all hurried and worn out; and some even look angry.”

“Oh, yes, stranger, people shop more at Christmas. Some people even buy so much they go way in debt. You see, we buy gifts for each other; and then on Christmas Eve we have parties and family gatherings and exchange gifts.”

“Oh, that sounds interesting. Now Does everyone get just what he needs? Now over there I see a lot of poor people. Do you exchange gifts with them, too?”

“Oh, no, we don’t always get just what we need, but that’s not the idea. And we don’t expect the poor

people to give us anything. But most of us give 50 cents or so to help them have a Merry Christmas.”

“Say, friend, I don’t want to seem too ignorant, but these funny looking people dressed in red and wearing long white beards, who are they?”

“Boy, you really are a stranger! Those are Santa Clauses. Santa Claus is the symbol of Christmas.

Nobody seems to know for sure when or where Santa Claus started; but we tell our children that at

Christmas Santa comes and brings them gifts. They really get excited. Yeah, Santa and Christmas

really go together.”

“That does sound exciting. But look over there while we were talking, a man fell down in the gutter there.

Shouldn’t we help him up? No one else has offered to.”

“Oh, he’s all right. Probably had an office party and drank his gift all at one time. That’s the way some

celebrate Christmas. Just anything for a good time.”

“Yes, I see, anything for a good time. Say, there’s some rather interesting music coming from that store, but every now and then I hear a song about a white Christmas. I think I understand that one, too. That one about city sidewalks dressed up in holiday style seems appropriate. But there’s one in there that sounds like, Joy to the World, the Lord is come. What does that mean?”

“Well, stranger, I can’t explain that too well. You see, there are a few religious fanatics who claim that

Christmas has something to do about a baby called Jesus. I don’t know too much about it, but I guess

some people used to think that Christmas was His birthday. Anyway, they wrote a lot of mushy songs

about it and most of the old timers still sing them. Some of the churches still teach them to the kids, I

guess. I suppose the stores play one now and then to be sure they get the trade from those people who call themselves Christians.”

“I’d like to know more about these songs and that story. Do you know anyone who could tell me more?”

“No, I don’t, stranger. I never went for that stuff myself. I’ll stick to the real kind of Christmas.- one full of meaning and excitement in . But you might find someone in that church around the corner who could tell you something.”

“Oh, I hope so. I think I’ll go see. Thank you for telling me all about Christmas. I am sorry to seem so dumb, but this is all so new to me.”

“That’s perfectly all right, stranger. Glad to oblige. Anything to pass on the Christmas spirit. By the way, what did you say your name was?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t I tell you? I go by several names, BUT THOSE WHO KNOW ME BEST JUST CALL


So what is the Christmas Spirit? Perhaps it is best defined as an attitude, a philosophy, or perhaps simply a warm and fuzzy feeling. A journey towards experiencing the perfect Christmas. This journey goes in many different directions, but for the believer our journey should lead us in one direction arriving at one end point and his name is Jesus.

So as believers where should the Christmas spirit take us and how should it affect us.

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