Summary: Jesus had the best seat in the house, what was He seeing on that wonderful day?

Christmas Through the Eyes of Jesus

Phil. 2:6-11

Over the past few weeks we have talked about Christmas.

We have looked at the individuals that God used to bring about the events that we celebrate and commemorate, Christmas.

Many today are removing Christmas from their lives and have opted for a more materialistic celebration.

My friend without Christ there is no Christmas!

What if the government said that you couldn’t celebrate the manger or Christ during Christmas?

What would you do?

What if the government came to your home and removed the manger scene from your yard or home, removed any symbol of the real reason for Christmas?

How would that change your celebration?

For many people today Christmas is just a time to be with family, give and receive gifts and eat, failing to acknowledge the Son of God.

Well today lets look at Christmas Through the Eyes of Jesus—

Today we will look through the eyes of Jesus as a-

The Babe

The Boy

The Bread

The Babe—

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem I know that there where things happening around him that he couldn’t understand as a baby, however I also know that he is 100% God and He must have known from his Godly position what was happening.

· Parents who where faithful

Mary and Joseph had surrendered their lives to God and followed the plan set before them.

It is obvious that they fully trust God to take care of them.

· Wise Men who gave

As we spoke about last, the wise men that came to see Jesus came giving special gifts to a king.

Are we willing to give Jesus our all?

· Shepherds who told

The most profound visit came from the shepherds, supposedly unlearned men who hadn’t accomplished much in the world.

They came looking for a Savior and when they left the manger the Bible says they went away telling everyone what they had seen.

The Boy—

We don’t know a lot about what Jesus’ life was like as a child, however we do see one story about what Jesus was like in Luke 2 when

Can you imagine Jesus playing with friends, listen in—

Friend- Mrs. Mary can Jesus come out to play.

Mary – That’s up to Jesus. Jesus do you want to go play?

Jesus – Sure mom.

Friend – Come on Jesus lets race.

Jesus – Ok

Following the race.

Friend – Jesus you sure can run fast.

Jesus – Oh, that’s nothing you should see my dad run, although when he does things shake a little.

Friend – Jesus want to throw rocks, at Gentiles?

Jesus – I’ll throw rocks but not at Gentiles.

Following Rock Throwing

Friend – Jesus you sure can throw rocks a long way.

Jesus – Nah, but you should see my dad, he throws rocks bigger than the earth and you wouldn’t believe what he does for fun. He hangs them in the sky.

Friend – Jesus you sure have a wild imagination.

Jesus- Really, my Dad is the greatest.

Friend- No he’s not my dad is better.

Jesus – well your dad is good, but not like mine.

Friend – yes he is.

Jesus- no he’s not, trust me on this one.

Friend – (getting frustrated with Jesus) Who do you think you are God or something?

As a boy Jesus saw many things that must have challenged and concerned him.

It is unfortunate that we as adults don’t realize what impact we have on the children of our world. We teach them by our lifestyles.

Jesus the boy saw—

· A man of great faith

Simeon – Luke 2:25-35

Simeon the man who God told he wouldn’t die before seeing Jesus.

Blessed Jesus and gave his parents a wonderful blessing as well.

· A woman of great faith

Anna – Luke 2:36-38

A servant who had been awaiting the Messiah recognized God’s precious gift of Christ.

The Bread—

Jesus as a man would become the Bread of Life.

John 6:35

Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.

· The Sick healed

Jesus’ ministry was one that brought healing to the sick.

Luke 4:38 Jesus heals Peters mother-in-law and others.

Luke 5:12 Jesus heals a man with leprosy.

Luke 5:17 Jesus heal a paralyzed man.

Luke 6:6 Jesus heals a hand.

Luke 7:11 Jesus raises the dead.

Luke 8:40 Jesus raises the dead and heals a woman.

Luke 9:37 Jesus heals a demon-possessed boy.

Luke 13:10 Jesus heals a cripple.

Luke 14:1 Jesus heals a boy.

Jesus saw the sick and met there needs.

Can I tell you that Jesus knows when you are

sick and will heal you.

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